The Great American Road Trip, Days 1 & 2

The reason for our road trip was to relocate my old Honda Civic from Oregon to Maryland so that we could use it for the year. Plus, let’s be honest, Micah has always wanted to drive across the country, so this was the perfect excuse. Not to mention, that we could stop & see some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. Also, we could transport some of our wedding gifts for us to use this year in our apartment (which we have yet to find).

Day 1: Jefferson, Oregon – Boise, Idaho  (493 miles)

On Thursday, July 21st, we loaded the Honda & I do mean LOADED!!!



After saying all our goodbyes, we headed out!


We had to take lots of rest stops on this trip what with an active two-year old & a pregnant lady. This particular stop was in the Gorge in Oregon. You’ve got to get lots of running done in a short time!


We soon left the cloudiness of the Willamette Valley  behind & began to discover just what a trip in a little black car would mean! We had air conditioning, but it didn’t make the car cold, it just took the edge off. And somehow no matter what day it was or what time of day it was I always ended up in the sun! So, when we stopped we definitely enjoyed the shade! And the chance to stretch our legs! This is another rest stop in Oregon, but much further East. This was also the last day that I wore long pants on the trip!


Good-bye Oregon!


Hello Idaho!


After spending all day in the car, we were more than happy to get to our hotel that night! And what a great view we had from our window!


Day 2: Boise, Idaho – Salt Lake City, Utah (341 miles)

Our day started out with a lot of flat landscape. Not a lot to look at in particular, but beautiful nonetheless!


And then all of the sudden, there was a large canyon (This is in Twin Falls, Idaho), which deserved a little stop.


What is it about boys that they have to walk where it is dangerous?!?!


Ezra really enjoyed the view & it was fun to share with him one of the sights that I had seen with my family on a road trip we took when I was 14!


Hello Utah!


This was a VERY common sight during our 10 days of road trip. Ezra was such a trooper & did really, REALLY well (at times better than I did!) during all our hours of driving!


We took a small detour so that we could see the sight of the Golden Spike. For you non-history buffs this is the spot where the two railroads came together back in 1869. A gold spike was driven into the ground during a ceremony on May 10. After the ceremony, the spike was removed & donated to the Stanford Museum in California. SO, you can’t see the actual Golden Spike, but you can see the location where the two railroads came together.



As you can imagine, the trains were Ezra’s favorite part about this stop!


They even did a demonstration & started up this coal-burning train, backed it down the track & then drove it away. Ezra was very impressed! Mom & Dad were thankful that we had arrived at the right time to see it since we didn’t know about the trains!



This is the commemorative plaque at the exact location of the last railroad tie & then the golden spike:


It was definitely a dry, hot landscape around this area!


We arrived in Salt Lake City in time for dinner & it was fun to take my family to a restaurant that my parents had taken us kids to 15 years ago. It is called Lamb’s Grill & has been in operation since 1919. It is Utah’s oldest continually operating restaurant. (This is not my picture as I forgot to take one)


After Micah settled Ezra & I into our hotel for the night, he headed back downtown to see the sights of Salt Lake City as he had never been there before.



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2 responses to “The Great American Road Trip, Days 1 & 2

  1. Carl thinks anything over 4 hours is too long of a drive! He’s not sure how this sounds like fun 🙂

  2. micahandheather

    Trust me, I won’t be signing up to do anything like this for a long, LONG time! It wasn’t terrible, but I’m with Carl, 4 hours is getting long!

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