Our apartment is located on the right side of this building, ground floor

Today we moved out of our home & into the home of our friends who are gone for the summer. We are very thankful for our friends letting us use their place so that we can finish packing (seriously, how do you pack all your pots & pans to move when you are still cooking meals?) & clean & paint without tripping over ourselves. However, today was not a fun day for me. I have only lived in 3 homes in my life (2 in my childhood & then this one) each for about 7 – 9 years. Maybe I’m just more emotionally attached to places because I’m a girl or because I’m too sentimental, but leaving our apartment today was sad.

This was the home that God dropped in our laps. When we got engaged Micah & I started looking for apartments to rent in Kandern knowing that partway through the next school year I would be moving in. We had looked at one place, but it was a LONG walk from school & pretty small. Then our landlords dropped off a flyer at the front desk & Micah happened by a few minutes later. It was a perfect apartment: ground floor, carport for the car, 3 minute walk to school, plenty of space for 2 people, & a great price for rent!

When we moved in it was essentially empty: bare walls, carpet, & a light bulb haning from the ceiling. Over our first few years of marriage, we turned an empty apartment into a comfortable home.

This is the place we started married life, where we lived ‘sans kids’, where we found out we were going to be parents, where we brought Ezra home & raised him for 2 years of his life. This place has so many good memories. I think that leaving our home also represents the bigger picture of leaving our life here at BFA and that is still something I’m grieving over right now.


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  1. Oh I hear you, Heather!! A house is SO much more than just a building…. =(

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