Vacation in France

Last week, on the Monday after graduation, we took a short vacation to a little town in the area of France known as Burgundy. We had been talking about taking a road trip with another couple here at BFA & because of one thing or another our vacation schedules never quite meshed in the previous year, so this was our last chance to make something work and I’m SO glad that it did! We had a wonderful 3 days away to rest up after the rush of graduation and before the craziness of packing began.

On our way to our destination, we stopped in a town called Beaune. It was really beautiful!

Helping Ezra not get run over!

Inside the cathedral in Beaune

The outside of the cathedral

After leaving Beaune, we continued on our way to Arcy-sur-cure where our Bed & Breakfast was located.

Along the way we saw quite a few stunning castles. This one was located in Neufchatel.

This was our fantastic Bed & Breakfast, La Maison de Rafah. It is owned by an amazing couple who want to minister to missionaries & pastors and so offer them a discount on their rooms. If you are close enough to go for a few nights, I would highly recommend it!

The small, quaint town of Arcy-sur-cure

There is a picturesque river that runs through the town, which is where we ate our picnic dinner the first night. Life does not get much better than this: French bread, french cheese, summer evening, quiet river, & good friends!

The next day we set out to do a little exploring of the area. We found lots of fun things to see!

Gates leading up to a small chateau…

…that obviously had a gate keeper at some point in time!

Sneak peeks of what must be beautiful gardens behind closed gates!

Pretty old houses

Even a second chateau!

Beautiful countryside

We had quite the walk & we all got a little worn out, but only one of us got a ride back to the B&B!

After our walk, we were all more than happy to have nap time! (Well, all of us except one!)

Even the view from the room is lovely!

That night, we took advantage of the dinner that they offer at the Rafah house. For a reasonable price, you are served a 3-course dinner. When we signed up, we didn’t realize that the lady who owned the B&B and who would be making our meal was previously a chef. Were we ever in for a big surprise! Beautifully presented & SO delicious! I wish we had pictures, but we were all too excited to eat our meals to go get our cameras! You’ll just have to go visit & enjoy one of her meals for yourself!

We enjoyed playing games as well as lots of talking with our friends, who were very patient with our two-year old and his many requests. Having our friends along made the trip that much more fun! Thanks, Isaac & Suzanne, we’ll have to do it again someday!


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