I have senioritis and I’m not even a senior. How is this possible? I have about a million things on my ‘t0-do’ list, but I don’t want to face them. I don’t want to deal with all those little, annoying details that have to be done to close up our time here and get us ready to move. Not that I’m really ready to leave BFA & Germany (because I still get rather ‘misty’ every time I think about that actually happening), but part of me is ready for it to be June 28th, for us to be on the plane heading back to the states, for those 12 suitcases to be packed & in the cargo hold, for our house to be packed up, cleaned, & painted, and for all those goodbyes to have already happened.

God, give me strength for all that is ahead & motivation to get it all done!


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  1. Well NO ONE ELSE is ready for that day!!! =) But I do hear you because I’ve felt the exact same way several times too… (not about you! about us of course =)

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