Spring break, part 2

On Thursday of our week in the Canary Islands, we went to Loro Parque. It was part zoo, part gardens, & part SeaWorld.

They have a great penguin exhibit (which made me think of my college roommate as she loved penguins!)

They had lots of great shows! There was a dolphin show…

…and an Orca show!

Ezra really enjoyed both of these shows a lot!

Ezra liked the Sea Lion show until this happened….

We tried to explain that the Sea Lion was just trying to say ‘hi’ to him, so very shakily & through his tears, he gave a very tentative wave & said, “h…h…hi”. We hope we haven’t scared him off Sea Lions forever, because I showed him this video the other day & he gave a very adamant “No” while shaking his head.

They had normal zoo animals…

…and some really unique animals!

They also had beautiful plants & flowers. Actually, the hibiscus flowers were all over the neighborhood where we were staying & were so beautiful!

They also had one of those cool tunnels underwater with sharks swimming around!

While we were at our friends’ house, Ezra spent a lot of time “helping” the dad, David, with his work! Thankfully, David seemed to enjoy having Ezra around, because Ezra adored David!

On Friday, we headed to the South part of the island where we were blessed to stay in a beautiful hotel right one the water! It was the week that the family got to enjoy a timeshare in the South & they graciously allowed us to come & share it with them for our last two days!

We went to the beach & while Ezra has LOVED the sand box at the house, a whole beach of sand really freaked him out! He was okay as long as he sat on the towel & played with the sand, but he didn’t want to walk on it!

The view from the apartment we stayed in! Amazing!!!

This is where Ezra wanted to spend all his time!

There were banana plantations all over the south side island!


One last picture of Ezra & his good friend, David. (I know Ezra doesn’t look that enthused in this picture, but trust me, he LOVED this man!)

Thank you SO much to David, Lois, & Caroline for giving us such a wonderful week away!


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