Spring Break, part 1

Last Saturday, we flew to the Canary Islands (which belongs to Spain, but is located off the coast of Africa) & stayed the week with the family of one of my small group girls. She has also been one of Micah’s basketball girls. We are very thankful for their hospitality to us!

On our way! Ezra wanted to see if he fit – apparently he does! 

The family lives on the north side of their island, Tenerife, so it has wonderful vegetation, but not as much of the hot sun that the south side of the island does. We really enjoyed the tropical plants! Sunday, we attended church with them (all in Spanish, but we have to learn the language, so why not start now!) and then in the afternoon we went exploring some of the nearby towns.

View of a garden while walking around 

A drago tree – native to the canary islands. Supposedly ever ‘split’ represents 13 years of growth!

The coastline on the north side of the island

The island of Tenerife is volcanic. It has a mountain in the center of it, which last erupted in the  early 1900’s, but thankfully is dormant now. On Tuesday we took a drive from the north side of the island down around the mountain & back up to the north.  It was spectacular! So many changes in vegetation!

This part of the drive reminded us the forests in Oregon

Mount Teide

Notice the change in vegetation – getting drier!

About as high up as you can get (close to 7,000 feet) & very dry!

Coming back down the other side. I was having to remind myself that I wasn’t in Arizona!

Further down the mountain. I love how the ground looks almost fuzzy!

Los Gigantes is the name of those big cliffs. We are all the way down the mountain now & by the ocean.

Coming back onto the north side of the island. Still beautiful, but lots more clouds!

Our family down by the water on the north side. Doesn’t Ezra look excited?

We didn’t spent our entire week traveling as we were coming off a very busy couple of months and needed some down time. So, after our day of driving around the mountain we just stayed home & relaxed.

This day we just took it easy. And I do mean easy!

The sun came out & we all got to do some lounging in the sun, including the lizards!

This is the neighborhood we stayed in. You can see how close we were to the water! So many beautiful flowers too!

Ezra loved it at the house! There was a sand box & a lot of matchbox cars! 

More pictures to come, but I thought I’d break it up so as not to overwhelm! Stay tuned!


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