I’ve been meaning to post pictures of the projects I worked on while we were at the timeshare back in October. I guess my excuse for waiting 4 months is that I didn’t have all of the christmas stockings finished until Christmas & then there were all the pictures to post from December and then…and then…I don’t have any excuse after that. I just haven’t & today seemed as good a time as any to post them. So, here they are!

My mom-in-law helped me so much with these stockings, and I had a lot of fun making them. They can hang on a wall, but I couldn’t get a good picture of them that way, so that is why they are lying on the couch. I’m pretty sure that the stuff I used to make the designs is called felted wool if anyone is curious.

This is Micah’s stocking. He wanted a polar bear eating an elf, but that got vetoed, so he went with just a polar bear. By the way, he drew the picture that I used as the pattern. I have such a talented husband, a little gruesome sometimes, but talented!


This is my stocking!


This is Ezra’s stocking! I actually had this design chosen first! They took some time, but it was really fun.


My second project, which I did get finished, was Ezra’s scrapbook (I guess, technically, it isn’t finished, but I finished what I could.) I don’t have time to spend hours scrapbooking. When you have 400 pictures from a week-long trip, even paring back to the best still takes a couple hours to slap in a photo book with the right information and dates. So, I decided that I would continue keeping our day-to-day family adventures simple, but would work on a scrapbook for Ezra that would be more elaborate. This will be his graduation present when he graduates from High School & goes off to college. Shhh…don’t tell him! 😉 I really enjoyed taking my time & playing with my sis-in-law’s cricut, but it definitely reconfirmed my decision to keep our family photos simple (or at least until I get caught up, but since I’m 4 years behind that may never happen!). That being said, I asked for & got a cricut for Christmas & am already looking forward to scrapbooking this year of Ezra’s life into his album!

I haven’t added all the journaling yet as I didn’t have all the information with me at the time share. (Sorry, I blurred out our last name – it isn’t blurry in real life!)


My original plan was to do only one spread for each year of his life, but there were entirely too many pictures to limit myself to that.


Even paring back to all of these was hard!


Seriously, what a cute kid we have!


I’m so thankful that I took the time to take these pictures, because I LOVE seeing how much he changed each month!



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2 responses to “Projects

  1. beautiful stockings and beautiful book!!!

  2. Lauren

    the stockings turned out fantastic – I loved your last blog post about God’s blessing of your home (amazing!!!), we are continuing to pray for you and Micah and are counting down the days until you get here!! love you!

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