That is the number of years that I have not watched the Super Bowl.

Before you start to think less of me as an American & perhaps a person, let me explain. First of all, while football is not my favorite sport to watch, it is probably my second favorite (following basketball). Or maybe third (I don’t think I want to tell you what my other favorite sport to watch is, because then you might really think less of me & no, it is not WWF or WWE or whatever it is called these days!). Thanks to my Father & season tickets to Oregon State Football while I was in high school, I can watch a game with a fairly clear understanding of what is going on, right down to some of the more normal penalties that can be called. All that to say, I don’t mind watching football, so I haven’t avoided the Super Bowl out of dislike.

Secondly, in order to watch the Super Bowl for the past 8 years, I would have had to start watching the game at 12. And no, that is not 12 noon. It is 12 – middle-of-the-night. That means the game would not end until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning & I always had to work the next morning. Not worth it! And in college, I was in Canada & it just wasn’t as big of a deal, nor was I super motivated to watch it.

So, I’m resolving that next year while we are living in the states & I won’t have to get up in the middle of the night, I will watch the Super Bowl. Perhaps if our situation allows, I might even host a super bowl party, because truth be told, I LOVE Super Bowl party food!


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