Just for fun yesterday I decided to keep track of Ezra’s reading list. You know, just in case, you would like to pick up some of the ‘ best new reads’ of the season! πŸ™‚ Here is the list:

The wheels on the bus – 5 times

Slick the racecar

Johnny Tractor & his pals – 2 times

Sparky the truck – 2 times

The 3 little kittens

Little Blue truck – only 1/2

Der kleine Loewe (The little lion)

The Cat Challenger Brochure (for those of you ‘city-folks’, this is similar to a tractor, but it has tracks instead of wheels & yes, I know it isn’t technically a book, but we had to read it)


Meine Lieblings Tiere (my favorite animals)

For Bedtime: The Cat Challenger brochure again & “Who loves baby” (basically a small photo album for babies with pictures of family in it from last Christmas)


Last night he was taking his bath & was playing with the shower head (it is of the hand-held variety). He was talking on it as if it was a phone. At one point he pulled it away from his head & noticed that he could see something in it (his reflection). He raised one of his arms, which seemed to confirm to him that he was seeing himself. At this point, he said, “OH, WOW!”

All I can say is, at least he can still say that when he looks in the mirror!


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  1. Stefanie

    Heather – I’m excited to get to know you when you all move to MD! I’ve been talking to Lauren about how you should just jump in with our play dates and scrapping nights (and she agrees). I think Ezra and William will get along too with their love of construction vehicles! πŸ™‚ Stefanie

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