And so it begins…

I packed the first box last night. I thought that if I work a little bit at a time it won’t be so overwhelming in June, but it still is bittersweet. While I am excited about next year (it’s hard to be excited about the year after that since it is still just one big question mark), I am quite sad about the thought of leaving. However, I know I have to face up to the fact that we are leaving whether I’m packed or not, so I better have a plan in place. My goal is to pack one box a week of stuff that we don’t use very often or won’t need before we leave, but that won’t make a noticeable difference to the look of our home (Christmas decorations, for example). Once spring break arrives in April, I think I will start to attack the things that we won’t need or miss for daily life (like books, wall hangings, decorations, etc). After that, I’m not really sure what will be next, but I guess I will continue to whittle away at our stuff until we are down to just the basics. Can you believe the moving guys is estimating that we will have around 150 – 180 items (boxes or pieces of furniture)?!?! *Sigh* 1 box done, only 179 to go!

****If anyone is an expert at this & has any helpful advice, tips, way to stay sane in the midst of a move, I’d love to hear it!


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  1. Since moving is not that far behind us, I will pray for you a lot! I do know how bitter-sweet it is!! Just take pictures before you change a room and let yourself grieve the stage of life. It doesn’t mean this next won’t be wonderful, just completely different. It’s wise to give yourself time as you pack. You can be more organized and label everything. It’s worth it when you are unpacking or deciding which boxes can stay taped up!
    We love you guys and are excited that you coming back means we get to come see you!!


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