Christmas in Germany

(I know this is a little late, but having had company for the past 3 weeks has made me a tad behind on updating my blog!)

Having only lived in 3 different countries, I know I’m not the expert on all things regarding all countries, but in my limited experience, I really think that Germany does Christmas ‘right’. There is no “Black Friday”. Instead there are Christmas markets where you squeeze through crowds of people all mingling around examining the wares at the various booths, all the while eating delectable foods & drinking warm drinks. Even the Christmas decorations in the towns seem more beautiful somehow. I was trying to explain this to my brother, Caleb, & I think he said it best, “There aren’t any blow-up Santa Clauses in people’s yards”. I suppose I’m just biased, but I really do think that Christmas in Germany is a wonderful experience!


Decorations on the streets on the way to the Christmas market


Christmas market


One of the many stands selling food


Crowds of people enjoying the market


Ezra enjoying the Christmas market


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  1. The market looks beautiful! 🙂 I agree – it sounds like they do it “right”!

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