Anniversary in Annecy

For our anniversary on the 17th of December, Micah & I got to go away for the night since Caleb was willing to take care of Ezra (thanks again, Caleb!). We left after putting Ezra down for his afternoon nap & headed toward Annecy which is in France about 3 hours south of us. The weather wasn’t great on the way down as you can see in this picture:


Annecy was VERY cold, but VERY beautiful! We wish that we had discovered this town a lot sooner & could have explored it on a warmer day rather than on a cold winter’s evening. That being said, it was still fun to explore a new town.

Beautiful Canals


Christmas market


Palais de l’Isle (an old former prison)


Cold, winter’s night

To keep from freezing we ducked into a cafe for warm drinks


We also spent a bit of  time in a sweets shop to get out of the cold & have ended up with a bag of macaroons.

That night we had dinner at a really good local french restaurant recommended by the French teacher her at BFA. It was full of locals (which is always a good indication of a good restaurant). We ordered one of the local specialties, tartiflette. It was like potatoes au gratin & SO wonderful!



We spent that night at a fairly new hotel about 20 minutes away (back towards Kandern). It was located in a whole complex with a small mall & a water park that looked like it would have been pretty fun. It was a very modern room.


The next day we headed home with a stop off in Gruyères. It was a small little town on the top of a tall hill. This is the area that the cheese comes from in case you were wondering. It was a beautiful little stop! So picturesque that it almost doesn’t look real!







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3 responses to “Anniversary in Annecy

  1. Lauren

    WOW that looks like an incredible place!!

  2. susan

    Oh I’m so glad you got to do this!!! And I’m so jealous of you too! =)

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