It’s amazing how quickly we take for granted the things in our lives. I have never been more thankful for our stroller than I am now!  6 weeks ago when we landed in Basel, our stroller came out with 2 wheels instead of 3. (Yes, this is the same airline that allowed our car seat to be delayed when we arrived in Maryland – maybe they have it out for parents! ) This meant me trying to keep an eye on the luggage and Ezra who after 9 hours of being stuck in an airplane was ready to run while Micah asked the airline to try and figure out if maybe the wheel was still back on the plane somewhere. When it wasn’t, he had to fill out paperwork, etc. all the while our poor ride is outside waiting for us wondering what is going on (they aren’t allowed into the baggage section since you have to go through customs first on your way out). Needless to say, not a fun ‘welcome home’ gift from the airline! Thankfully, the airline said they would pay for a new wheel. No problem, I called BOB first thing on Monday (well, their first thing) & found out where to order a new wheel. Actually, it was a new wheel, new tire, & new inner tube – not a cheap purchase. Then we waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, we got a letter saying that our wheel was stuck in customs. The person who had translated the letter for Micah was pretty sure that we had to go to Freiburg ourselves & pick it up. So, on a Friday afternoon we jump in the car & drive 45 minutes up to Freiburg only to arrive about 5 minutes after they had closed! Then we received a letter saying that we needed to pay a certain amount of money & they would simply send the wheel down to us. Simple, right? Right! Except that we kept forgetting to pay it & I would always remember when I was on my way out the door & wishing I had my stroller! Finally, Micah remembered to pay the fee & the wheel arrived today. Today was a perfect day for the wheel to arrive as Micah is gone all day on a basketball trip & this allowed Ezra & I to get out of the house for a nice long walk!

Thank you, Lord, for our stroller and for your perfect timing in getting our new wheel to our house! You knew that we needed it today or else we might not have made it!


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