Ezra has a favorite blankie. His mom may or may not have pushed a certain blankie for a while when he was little, until it became his favorite, but she is certainly happy that he likes a blankie since she & Daddy both had favorite blankies. This is his blankie:

When we flew to the states, we somehow managed to get to the airport without the blankie! This could have been disastrous! Thankfully, the airport is only about 30 minutes away, so Micah was able to run home & get the blankie & bring it back to us just about the time we had to go through security. (So much for sitting & enjoying some peace for a while before the flight!) It was at this point that I realized I shouldn’t have let Micah talk me out of buying a back-up blanket last Christmas when we were in the states & decided that would be one of the purchases I made while in the states. Sadly, I couldn’t find this blanket any more. (Why do companies do this to parents?!?) So, the next best thing was to create a look-alike blankie. I bought the fabric & while we were in Oregon, Nene made Ezra another blankie:


The only thing the replacement blankie lacks is this:

And honestly, he doesn’t seem to miss it or notice any difference between the two. At this point, he has completely adopted the look-alike blanket! With buying the blue minkie dots fabric I ended up with more than was used for the look-alike blanket & decided to make another fun blanket with fleece:

Ezra loves this blanket too. It is not uncommon for him to be in the crib with all three blankies. I figure, the more the merrier! And with the way this kid migrates in his sleep, it often leaves me with a free blanket to try & drape over him for a few minutes, which makes me a happy mommy!


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  1. Sarah

    Beautiful blankets Heather. Adam too has his favorite blanket and thankfully my mom was the one that made it so she had extra fabric on hand to make a second one after the meltdown that occured when he found his blanket spinning in the washer. 🙂

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