Giving the people what they want!

Practicing for going to work someday


Someone REALLY loves watching their movie


Ezra found out the hard way what happens when yank a straw out of a drinkable yogurt!


This kid loves to read!


One of his new hobbies for a time was to take the batteries out of Micah’s clock! Nothing like resetting the time on your clock each night!


Mmmm….pear! He ate nearly the whole thing himself &  mean nearly all…seeds included!


He wanted to sit in the chair with his book!


Can I help it if Ezra is a Doritos-fiend like his mother?


I can’t imagine this would be comfortable, but since he fell asleep like this, it must be to him!


Ready to go to church! (It’s cold here now!)


He found a Brötchen (translation: literally “little bread”, aka dinner roll) all on his own & was pretty proud of himself


Getting to be such a little man!


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