October was a busy month, part 3

Then came the reason for our trip home: My brother’s wedding! Noah & Tena got married on October 16th and they had a gorgeous day for their wedding! The wedding was perfect & so “them”, relaxed, country, & lots of fun.

We took lots of pictures outside before the wedding started. And yes, the bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots with their dresses!


Our little man wanted nothing to do with whole picture-taking process, so unfortunately, he is crying in all the pictures of him with the Bride & Groom.


He was happy as long as he could ‘drive’ the pick-up


Our family before the wedding


This shows the details on the dress & the bouquets we carried. Yes, my husband is wearing a belt buckle!


Ezra was a ‘ring-bearer’ along with Tena’s nephew. They were both pulled in a John Deere wagon by her niece. Ezra made it down the aisle & then Micah took him outside. He ran around…


…and inspected peoples’ wheels.


The wedding


This is kind of a funny picture (sorry, Tena!), but it is the only picture I have that kind of shows the front of Tena’s dress & it was a beautiful dress.


The Get-away ‘car’ decorated in OSU Beaver colors



The reception was held in a barn (not one that holds cows, one that is specifically for events)


First dance


Tena dancing with her dad


Noah dancing with our mom


Noah dancing with our Grandma


Ezra got to meet his second cousin, Lucas


He seemed a bit intrigued by this little person!

It was so special to be a part of Noah & Tena’s day and I couldn’t be happier to have another sister! I may be biased, but I think growing up with just brothers & getting sisters by marriage is absolutely the best way to go! No fighting over the bathroom or the hot water when you are younger, instead you just get the good stuff! Anyways….

Congratulations Noah & Tena!


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