October was a busy month, part 2

After two short days at home to unpack, do laundry, & repack, Ezra, my mother-in-law, & I headed off to the States. When we got to Maryland guess what didn’t make it: our carseat! Seriously, how does that happen??? Everything else made it, but not the one essential piece for getting us all back to their house. My options were A) remain in the airport for another 2 or 3 hours with a toddler whose body already thought it was 1 in the morning and was melting down by the second in hopes that the carseat would show up on the next flight or B) make the drive home illegally by holding him in the back seat. Maybe there was an option C somewhere out there, but I wasn’t coming up with it.

Anyways, we stopped off in Maryland for one day & we managed to pack that day full!


Ezra & Emme visited Opa Fred & Oma Alina with Nene


They were having beautiful weather in Maryland so we had lunch out on the porch


Ezra & Emme played the piano together


After one day of rest, Ezra & I got on a plane by ourselves *gulp* and flew the nearly 8 hours to Oregon. Thankfully, God sent wonderful people to sit next to me and across from me on the first leg of our flight. The couple next to me was probably the age of my parents & were so helpful. The man even held my pizza lunch for the first 20 minutes or so since we were in bulkhead & had no storage. Ezra did throw a couple fits during the flight when he couldn’t be up & about (how do you explain, “We’re having turbulence & you have to sit on my lap during this time” to a toddler). At one point someone behind me screamed at me to make him stop & the Grandmas sitting across the aisle from me glared at her & told her, “He’s a baby; she can’t help it!”. The lady next to me offered to hold Ezra & let him look out her window. Later during the flight the Grandmas took Ezra so I could have a little break & use the bathroom alone. Thank God for those people or I might not have made it! Our second leg no one sat in the seat right next to me so we could spread out a bit more & that helped, but it was still the longest 8 hours of my life! If I never have to fly alone with a toddler that will be okay with me.

Taking pictures on the flight (trying to find anything that might distract him for 5 minutes)


And then we were in Oregon. In the country. And it was wonderful. (Two days later, Micah joined us and that was wonderful as well!)

Ezra got to meet my brother’s dog, Jewel. He was very intrigued by her, but a little scared of her.


He got his first taste of corn on the cob & loved it! (You can’t really get corn on the cob in Germany, which suits Micah just fine!)


He even got to practice “driving” Uncle Noah’s truck



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2 responses to “October was a busy month, part 2

  1. I’m flying for the first time with Norah tomorrow (just to Chicago) and your experience with the person yelling at you is my worst fear! THANK THE LORD for those Grandmas who stood up for you! Ezra is such a cutie. 🙂

  2. Oh that flight!!!!!!!!! =( So glad the rest of your time went well!

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