Time for more pictures!

Pushing the DVD around…

until it is hidden!

There it is! I found it!

“What’s that? I have something attached to my nose? Hmm… I wonder what it could be!”

“What are you doing, Dad?”

“Oh, you’re taking my picture! Well, then let me look charming!”

For this shower, Ezra thought that Micah might need: baby lotion, a washcloth, shaving gel, baby shampoo, baby wash, fingernail polish remover, Bath & Body Works lotion, Avon lotion, toothpaste, a ducky, hair wax, & a headband. Who knew that Micah was so high-maintenance? Ezra, I guess!

Ezra & Mommy at the Golfplatzblick (Golf place view) on a lovely Sunday afternoon walk! We live in such a beautiful place!

A closer picture of Ezra & a better look at the view!



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2 responses to “Time for more pictures!

  1. I always love your posts! =)

  2. Lauren

    Ezra you look like you are having so much fun in all of your pictures, can’t wait until you and emme can cause trouble together (which I’m sure the two of you will!)

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