This & That

1. Ezra has a new girlfriend! A couple nights ago, we all went to the Eis cafe (the local ice cream shop) & ordered bowls of ice cream. Ezra had had a couple bites of my ice cream when the lady who owns the shop came over with a cone & a small scraping of strawberry ice cream inside! I have never seen Ezra sit up so straight, nor eat something so quickly, all the while smiling & chatting it up with the owner lady who was across the room. She is now one of his favorites!

2. Let’s face it, we all love to find a good deal. A mom friend of mine shared a couple Pamper’s coupons with me: 4 euros off 2 packs of diapers. Today I actually looked at the price (normally I don’t – it’s just too depressing) & I figured out that by choosing the economy pack of pampers & using the coupon I was getting my packs of diapers for 4,95 instead of the regular price of 6,95 or 8,95 for the more expensive type! Wow, did I feel good! I immediately came home & signed up on the pamper’s website in hopes of scoring my own coupons.

3. While out shopping today, Ezra & I had a conversation with a German lady & a little girl. And by Ezra & I, I mostly mean me. And by conversation, I mean a slightly juvenile talk as my German still leaves much to be desired. However, in the course of the conversation, the woman asked me if I was the mom or the Au pair! Now, I know that Au pairs can be any age, but I usually think of them as college-aged girls! It definitely made my day!

4. Now we all know that the Word of God endures forever, but unfortunately, it can’t handle a toddler. Ezra decided that his pocket Gideon Bible needed a bath while he was waiting for the tub to fill up & that was the end of that Bible! Thankfully, Micah has another one so Ezra can ‘read’ that one for now & we’ll have to keep a closer eye on what things he is carrying around while we are filling the tub!

5. My son is a helper! Oddly enough, that is the meaning of the name Ezra. The other day he took his bottles of soap out of his plastic container on the bottom shelf & moved them onto the next shelf up. Not sure what that accomplished, but he certainly saw it as helping!


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