One cute little boy!

Playing with mommy

Ezra was given a toy stroller by some friends. What are the important things in life that he wants to push around? His puppy & his little Gideon Bible!

My mommy heart hopes & prays that the Bible will truly be something he will always want in his life.

Eating dinner is hilarious! This gives you a look at his four teeth: 2 on the bottom in the center, 2 on the top, but not in the center!

We had dinner with friends of ours. Here is Ezra sitting with their three girls!

He loves playing with other kids, but he seems especially fond of girls! Although who can blame him with this little cutie?

Mmmm….Peanut Butter is so good!

I know this picture is blurry, but it shows Ezra’s first ‘bed head’, which means HE HAS HAIR!!!!

Brushing his teeth…all over the house. We usually stop this process when he starts to use his toothbrush to scrub things & then sucks on the toothbrush again!

More fun with peanut butter! You can’t exactly tell, but he had it in his eyelashes!


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