“Fresh” Breath

Today while I was taking my shower, Ezra was ‘exploring’ the bathroom (What this really means is pulling things off the shelves & out of the baskets that he can reach). I looked out & discovered that he had grabbed his Dad’s deodorant & managed to get the lid off. He was playing with the cap, which meant he was probably getting deodorant residue on his fingers, so I took the cap away. The next thing I knew he had reached down & picked up the deodorant stick & had that in his mouth! “Mmmm….Old Spice deodorant is great, and I especially love this “Fresh” flavor!” He was traumatized when I took that away from him too. It’s rough being 14 months old!


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  1. Alex Brookins

    Smell like a man, man! 🙂 Have you seen the new Old Spice commercials they’ve been airing in the US? OMG they crack me up! This ones my fav so far:

    Half of my brain wants to imagine Ezra doing an Old Spice commercial now, but the other half won’t let it…probably wise 😉

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