More of Ezra

What a fun little man we have! He is growing up SO fast & we are loving nearly every minute of it. His recent obsessions are Mom’s hairbrush (the handle is especially fun to suck on), being a Matador (grabbing something fabric & flapping it in front of him), & climbing on our bed. He is running around, getting into things, & starting to communicate with signs a little bit (He knows “more”, “please”, & “milk” – although this last one doesn’t mean milk from the fridge). He loves kids of all ages & wants to be friends with all of them. Maybe this is why he does so well in Sunday School. When I drop him off he hardly notices that I’m leaving & when Micah picks him up we always get a good report on his behavior. Yesterday, they told Micah that when they started to pick up the toys at the end of Sunday School time, Ezra ran to the window to watch for us! What a sweet boy we have! And now, what you all have been waiting for…more pictures!

Wondering what he can get into next!

Daddy’s t-shirt is SO big on me…

…but SO much fun to wear! (He cried when I took it off!)

Helping Daddy do repairs on the washing machine!

Such a cutie!

Not a huge fan of walking in grass

We borrowed our friend Sam & took him for a walk. Ezra wasn’t quite sure what to think about our furry friend!


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