A wonderful vacation

We really enjoyed our week away. We were blessed with beautiful weather nearly the entire time (it clouded up & rained the night before we left). The area we stayed in in the Netherlands was called Zeeland & I highly recommend  it. It had smaller villages scattered around, but everything was fairly close to the ocean. The place we stayed was about 3 kilometers away from the beach. The whole area is super flat, with bike trails everywhere. We rented bikes for 3 of the days & had a lot of fun with that. We took lots of pictures – too may to even post half, so I’m just going to show you a smattering. Enjoy!

It was Ezra’s first time in his ‘big boy’ car seat. He seemed to really enjoy it! He did great with all the driving we did & hardly fussed at all on our long-haul days when we drove about 7 hours!

We stopped a couple times en route, including Aachen where we got a look at the cathedral there – it was quite beautiful!

And this picture has very little to do with our travels, but we finally caught Ezra’s ‘cheesy grin’ on ‘film’! This is the face that keeps me laughing!

And this little brick house was our home for the week – it was quite lovely. We really enjoyed it! (Micah especially loved that it had a TV that allowed him to watch the World Cup games each evening)

This is the beach. Who knew that those little beach ‘huts’ from cartoons were real? Oh & the other side of the beach was the ‘textil frei’ side – we avoided that side!

Our first day trip was to Brussels. Their city ‘icon’ is this little statue called in French “mannequin pis”. We thought Ezra should have his picture with the other little boy.

We also enjoyed the Grand Place

Before heading back to The Netherlands we stopped off at Waterloo (where Napoleon was finally defeated) & saw the “Butte  du Lion” memorial

Our second day trip was to Brugge. I couldn’t believe how many bikes there were parked at the main train station!

We went on a factory tour. Part of the tour involved climbing out on the roof top (don’t worry – it was flat & had railings) – such a beautiful view of the city!

We saw the legendary Belfry, but didn’t end up climbing the 300 odd stairs to the view as it was closed by the time we got there (I can’t say I was too disappointed by that!)

We enjoyed ‘frites’ & the view in the Markt square

We also took a cruise on the canals – it was SO beautiful!

Ezra looks pretty unsure in this picture, but I think he ended up having a good time!

We rented bikes for the days that we were at our place. Ezra enjoyed riding on the front & watching the world go by.

This is a good example of the cute little houses in Zeeland

We took a third day trip to Delft & visited the Royal Delft factory. I learned that they paint the pottery with black paint that has something in it that turns blue after it is fired.

There were lots of beautiful plates, among other things.

We walked around Delft. It was such a beautiful town.

We also saw the Old Church. The bell tower is leaning, because the foundation has sunk a bit since it was built!

There were lots of windmills around. This was the one in the small town where we stayed.

And to reward you for looking at all those pictures, one final picture of Ezra. Micah tried  to give him a ‘fohawk’, but it didn’t really show up in this picture!



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2 responses to “A wonderful vacation

  1. It looks like so much fun! I’m sooo glad you had such a great time! I love that cheesy grin. =)

  2. Lauren

    It looks like you guys had an amazing vacation! The places you went are so beautiful. Hope it’s going okay adjusting back to real life!

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