How did this happen?

For the last 3 years during March Madness I have filled out a bracket. Strictly for fun as I have very little idea who many of the teams are. Don’t get me wrong, if I HAD to choose a sport to watch it would be basketball, so I at least have a little bit of interest in the actual sporting event. Anyways, like I said for the past three years I’ve filled out a bracket. The past two years Micah printed out the forms & brought them home. He would then calculate our points himself & we’d keep track of who was beating who. This year he started a group on ESPN & told me that I’d have to do my bracket on there this year. To be honest I was a little intimidated. I mean, it’s one thing for your husband to see how ridiculously bad you are, but other people…Yikes! But I went ahead & filled it out. And this is where the story gets funny…somehow I placed 3rd out of about 20 people! And these aren’t just girls like me who don’t know what is going on. These are guys who spend time watching & reading about the game.

And here is the unbelievable thing…(remember, I said I don’t know much about the different schools) I chose my teams based on the mascots! That’s right! Who the team players are, how their season went, etc, etc. played almost no part in who I chose (I did choose the teams that were ranked in the top 4 to procede to the second round of the bracket, but that’s all). I just found out what the mascots were & decided who I thought would win in a battle between the two mascots. So for example, if the Purdue Boilermakers (that’s a train I’m told) took on the Ohio Buckeyes (which is a nut) I would probably choose a train to beat a nut. Now do you see how ridiculous it is that I took 3rd place?!?!

*Edit: People have asked if I beat Micah & the answer is “yes”. Actually, I have beat him the last two years with my current strategy!



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2 responses to “How did this happen?

  1. Hilarious! I just read this to Chris.

    Just proves how ridiculous all these fantasy sports things are!! =)

  2. Alex Brookins

    LOL…that’s awesome! Hubby’ll get a kick out of this too 😉

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