So many pictures, so little time…

Giving the baby in the mirror kisses (he doesn’t realize that it is him yet)!

One of the girls from the dorm made Ezra a shirt. It didn’t quite fit, but it made a fun hat!

Playing with his “Noah’s Ark” animals

Shopping with Daddy

Micah likes to carry Ezra over to the store, put him in the cart, do the shopping, drive the cart home with the groceries in it (we live about 2 minutes from the store), unload the groceries, drive the cart & Ezra back to the store, then carry Ezra home.

Giving Daddy a hug

Sitting on his trike (riding it will come later when his feet reach the pedals)

Standing up in bed (thankfully he hasn’t learned how to pull himself up to this point yet)

The smallest Heavy weight champion of the world!

For Easter dinner we were invited to our friends’ house in France. They gave Ezra a fun baby gift! Here Ezra is modeling the shirt with his friend Randy!

Cruising around in his ‘guy’ outfit (Disclaimer: Micah dressed him. I had nothing to do with this outfit)


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One response to “So many pictures, so little time…

  1. Heather…

    so cute. thanks for all the pictures. it’s fun to see how much he’s changing.
    Don’t worry once he’s standing in his crib by himself, AJ can teach him how to jump 🙂 That’s the stage we’re at!
    Micah…when Ezra is giving you a hug and you’re wearing a Hawaiian print shirt…the mafia look doesn’t really work. I know you have a smile in there 🙂
    You should e-mail the “guy” outfit picture to Uncle Chet…I think it would quickly become a favorite!
    We love you guys and are praying for you. We miss you and hope everything is going well. I don’t know when you guys have another trip planned…do you get a summer one this year?
    Love you.

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