Middle School Play

I don’t have pictures of the actual play as it would be impossible for me to direct the play & take pictures at the same time. I’ve been meaning to talk to the yearbook office & see if I can get pictures from them, but I haven’t gotten around to doing that, so I thought I would at least post the pictures that I do have before it gets any later!

Maxwell Smart getting his stage makeup on!

Big Sister gets her hair done by my wonderful student director, Eliza!

It’s makeup time for Prof. Dante! My assistant director, Bonnie, helps him out!

Putting together the programs – nothing like the last minute for getting things done

Time for dinner! It’s hard to wait while the girls go get their food so that is why we must drink our ice tea using the wrong end of the spoon!

Notice the aprons? These students have been threatened within an inch of their life if they get anything on their costume!

While the students eat, the programs get finished by some wonderful people! Our friends, Ursula & Annie; my costume lady, Bonnie; & my parents who came all the way from the states!

And where is Ezra during all of this? Right there in the middle of it all! Thank goodness for people willing to stop & entertain him for a couple minutes now & then!

My wonderful set designers & builders as well as stage crew!

“New York Mets win double header. That’s a good one, Chief. I’d like to see the day that would happen!”

The Cast of “Get Smart”

It was only 27, but some days it felt like the “cast of thousands”!

Here we have the Four Blondes

Here we have a variety of people: Mr. Big is Front R, Agent 13 is Front L, & Agent 44 is behind him

College girls in the front, the Wongs in the back

Two successful showings = one happy director (& her parents)


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  1. It was a job well done! You (and everyone else) worked so hard!!! Fun night. =)

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