Time for some more pictures!

Ezra is getting really good about holding onto things, although he is not perfect at holding himself in the standing position just yet!

A new dinosaur outfit! I love the socks – they are just too cute! Thanks, Miss Krause!

Look at those baby blues!

Sleeping baby boy!

So good at sitting up now!

Toes are delicious!

Babies are just about the cutest thing in the whole wide world!

Play time (please note his awesome ’90s outfit – light washed jeans & striped shirt. It’s all coming back – just you wait!)

Mmmmm….Kangaroos are mighty tasty!

Bath time in my new chair from Tena! So much fun!



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2 responses to “Time for some more pictures!

  1. Love that bathtub chair! Is it from the states or here?

  2. micahandheather

    From the states. My brother’s girlfriend is a nanny & she got it for Ezra. I had no idea they had anything like this.

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