Fun in Oregon

Ezra’s newest trick: sticking out his tongue!

Ezra with his Uncle Caleb

Ezra with Auntie Heather (Mom’s college roommate)

Ezra playing with Mom’s old toys with Uncle Noah & Tena

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The boys decorating the Christmas Tree

Emily, Kim, Julie, & I – Such fun friends!

Holding Ezra & AJ (AJ is Ezra’s second cousin & is a couple weeks older)

Sophie, AJ’s older sister, is very helpful & was helping Micah get his shoes on.

Looking at a John Deere calendar with Grandpa

Ezra, Mommy, & Great-Grandma Hilton

Sitting in the same highchair mommy used to sit in!

The Hilton Family

The guys in their new OSU hoodies!

Ezra’s new toy: A John Deere tractor

Wearing his cool skate shoes from his Uncle Caleb

Ezra’s ark from Uncle Noah

Ezra’s Christmas present from Mommy & Daddy (I got my first Bible from my parents for my first Christmas)

So excited about his new puppy dog from Grandma & Grandpa

Hanging out with Uncle Mike at the Cousins Christmas

The whole Cousins family (minus my Aunt Janet) – The ‘kids’ are outnumbering the ‘adults’ these days!

Ezra & his Cousin, Eric

Hanging out with Uncle Chet

Playing with a box with Aunt Kathleen

“Wow! Look at all those clothes going around & around & around & around……”

I love the Oregon Coast!

Ezra & Auntie Vicki

Ezra, Mom, & Uncle Jon

Sitting up on Mommy’s & Daddy’s bed just like a big boy enjoying this view:

Such a beautiful day!

The view from our deck!

“I don’t get it…my tractor makes a lot better noises when Uncle Noah helps me drive than when Mommy does!”

Our little family (looking just a little ‘hick-ish’)

Ezra’s first experience with the Oregon coach

“Why is this stuff SO cold????”

Nothing beats sunset on the Oregon coast!



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2 responses to “Fun in Oregon

  1. Bob Kaspari

    Hey there! It was great seeing you at church! You sure have a cute kid! I sure hope you and Micah have a great life in Germany. Thinking of you makes me want to have an adventure like that. God bless you in everything you do!

    Bob Kaspari

  2. He is SO darling, I just wanna eat him up. =) I love the pic of him in the high chair and his new tongue trick. =)

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