Micah took me to Adelboden last weekend and I loved it! We had the entire Janz Team chalet to ourselves (it would probably hold around 50+ people). It was quiet & we just relaxed & enjoyed ourselves away from home! I would go back in a heartbeat!

IMG_3144View from the Chalet

IMG_3147Again the view – so beautiful!

IMG_3141Ezra slept in the hallway in his Pack N’ Play…

IMG_3143He didn’t seem to mind! At least not too much!

IMG_3148We spent a lot of time in this room

IMG_3159We went for a walk/hike (what is it if it is mostly on paved pathways, but takes 3 hours?)

IMG_3154Ezra did great! Isn’t his hat SO cute?

IMG_3155On our jaunt we saw baby cows…


IMG_3166and cute chalets! See how the ‘path’ goes right through these peoples’ yard. I couldn’t believe it!

IMG_3167At this point the path went into this crack in the ground.

IMG_3170There were huge boulders overhead…

IMG_3172and a stream at the bottom!


Of course, Ezra got hungry before we got back to the house, so we stopped for him to eat. As I was feeding him, it started to rain a little bit, so Micah loaned me his hat!


Back at the Chalet, Ezra tried out his new jacket that we got for him. You can’t see it very well, but there is a little hedgehog on the side – SO cute!

IMG_3158The whole family in Adelboden!


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