It’s that time again!

IMG_3102Ezra holding onto “chicky”

IMG_3105Ezra’s first golf lesson – it’s never too soon to start!

IMG_3111Tummy time with Johnny  Tractor

IMG_3114Old Man & his wife (the theme for Fall Party was opposites so we dressed like this & brought Ezra with us)

IMG_3115Ezra hanging out with the Witt girls

IMG_3122First time in the Excer-saucer! He enjoys the new perspective on life!

IMG_3124Mommy & Ezra

IMG_3133On the changing table…again.

IMG_3138Wearing jeans for the first time & looking so grown up



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2 responses to “It’s that time again!

  1. Oh Heather, he is SOOOO darling!!! Job well done on making a cute boy! =) I love these pictures. Love the one with you and Micah too.

  2. rachel

    heather!! i just scrolled through these photos. the nursery looks fantastic, by the way. and ezra is amazing!! i love the picture of him on the couch with witt girls. i’m so glad they have a baby brother. wish i could be there to watch him grow.

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