Back to School!

Micah is back to school & for the first time in my life, I’m not. Well, I’m sort of not. I am taking German 3 with the high school students, which is challenging as we are supposed to talk in German for the entire class period. Thankfully, our teacher is willing to help us out when we are totally lost!

I am helping out at the dorm every other Monday evening and Micah & I will sub for the dorm parents on their weekends off (about one a month). The girls love Ezra & I’m sure he is going to get held a lot! Small groups start up this week & I’m looking forward to another year with this great group of girls:

IMG_2442 This picture was taken last spring at our last small group meeting & no, we did not mean to coordinate our clothing!

I know I’m still going to be busy this year, but there are some definite adjustments for me as I no longer ‘ go to work’. Now my ‘work’ wakes me up in the morning! But when your ‘work’ is THIS cute, it is totally worth it! I am so thankful that I get to stay home with Ezra & enjoy all of his new accomplishments! And speaking of Ezra, here are a few new pictures of my cutie!

IMG_3035Plotting devious things!

IMG_3039What is that smell?!?! Oh, wait! It’s me!

IMG_3045My boys!


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