Just a little jaunt!

I woke up on Saturday & decided it was way too nice to just sit home all day, so I made the executive decision (after asking Micah) that we needed to take a little trip. We have a book that my mom-in-law gave me called Daytrips – Switzerland. I looked in there & found the closest town that we had never been to before, which happened to be one called Solothurn and away we went. It ended up being a great little outing.  Here are some pictures from our adventure!


Solothurn on the Aare River

IMG_2938Another view from the same spot


Beautiful Cathedral


Cute streets

IMG_2959Even cuter baby (modeling mommy’s sunglasses)


Cool old clock tower


Even a short jaunt like this one require quite a bit more gear than before!


No trip, no matter how short, is complete without ice cream. Just for the record I was just holding Micah’s ice cream while he fixed something on the stroller. Really, it’s true!

(Please disregard the cheesy smile & wind-blown hair)


Here’s a much better smile to take your mind off the previous one!


When baby is hungry, baby must eat (at least this spot was shady & had a good view)



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2 responses to “Just a little jaunt!

  1. GOOD FOR YOU for taking off on a spontaneous adventure! You are much braver than me! =)

  2. Hey Heather and Micah! What a great day for a trip – beautiful clouds and hills in the background!! And a cute little boy. …Saw a link to you all from Tebbes’ page. Great to see what you guys are up to. Thinking of you as the school year begins!

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