Progress on the nursery

We are slowly making progress on the nursery. A huge THANKS to our friends who came last week & helped out with all the painting. Since I can’t paint, I think it might have taken Micah all week to accomplish what they were able to do in one day! 


Eliza & Collin adding a fresh coat of white paint



Luke & Stephanie & Eliza hard at work



Adding green


img_2253Painting nursery furniture



Lots of freshly painted nursery furniture


img_2321Micah putting the crib together after many, MANY hours of cleaning, sanding, & painting!


While it still isn’t finished this is what our nursery looks like now:



Starting to look like a baby is actually going to live here!



Crib – just wait until you see the cute bedding Micah’s mom is making for us!


img_2326Bookshelf & future changing ‘table’


What you can’t see in all these pictures is all the boxes of stuff that has no home right now and is piled in our living room & bedroom. We still have quite a bit of work cut out for us in getting all of that into the available space! It will be a challenge, but as Micah’s mom so aptly put it – it is like one of those Chinese tile puzzles and we just have to keep moving things around until it all fits perfectly! 



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3 responses to “Progress on the nursery

  1. Anna

    Oh Heather,

    What fun pictures…looks like a transformation you’d see on HGTV! It’s adorable and I love the green. It’s going to be such a precious place and I know with the changes you’ve made, you’ll love being in there! Everything looks wonderful and I’m so glad you shared.
    We love you all…all three of you.
    Josh, Anna, and Sophie…and Aaron too.

  2. Oh I LOVE it! Well done! Or “well doing” since it’s still in progress. =) Love the green! Classy and cheerful. And how nice of your friends to help out!

  3. Heather,
    What fun! I love what you’ve done already…very cute and “gender neutral”. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures as you progress.
    Can you believe that you have only about 2 months to go until you meet your precious little one?! And Lord willing, we’ll be there to see him/her too! ;o)
    Praying for you,
    Michelle, for the Tebbes ;o)

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