Other fairly recent happenings

Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post pictures from some of the other things that took place in February. So here is a  quick recap of some of the events of that month!

Micah’s grandfather lives in Lithuania, but was in Frankfurt for some tests & so Micah ‘ran’ up there for a quick visit. Here he is with his Grandpa & his grandpa’s wife:



February 18th – 21st was Basketball Tournament. For the first time in BFA history, one of our basketball teams made it to the semi-finals! It was really exciting! I got to go up & watch the girls play their semi-final game. They were tied at half time with the team that eventually took first, but ended up losing that game by about 12. I also got to watch as they played for 3rd place.  They were up by 2 points with a minute to go, tied at 30 seconds, & lost by 2 in the last couple seconds of the game. It was heartbreaking, but they played SO well! We were both very proud of them!



Another event in February was Wittlingen’s famous couples night. As usual the costumes were very creative & lots of fun. Micah & I went as Juno & Paulie Bleeker (sorry, we forgot to get a picture of ourselves!). Here are a couple pictures of the girls – they were amazing!


Mary Poppins & Bert


Stattler & Waldorf from “The Muppets”


We also did a week of puppy-sitting in February. This little girl was truly a puppy & was lots of fun, but also lots of energy. Her name is Jersey & already a few weeks later she is getting bigger! She is going to be a big girl when she is done growing, but SO cute! 


Going for a walk

img_2110How can you say ‘no’ to that face?


So that about sums up February, a very cold, dark month in Germany. Thankfully the sun is out & spring looks to be on the way (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a little longer, though.)! 


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