My Directorial Debut

About 3 months ago, I got asked if I would be willing to direct the middle school play. Having done a little bit of drama with the elementary students and knowing that I enjoy drama, I agreed. And let me tell you, it has been a whirlwind since then! We had tryouts the second & third day back from break (roughly 2 months ago), cuts by the first weekend, and the first practice the first day of our second week. It has been a joy to work with these students. Now don’t get me wrong, they are still middle school students, so there were definitely moments where I felt like tearing my hair out, but overall, it was a great experience. The play I chose was called, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest”. Kind of ironic, huh? It was a spin-off of the original story and is quite humorous. 

This past week was crazy as we headed towards our performances. I was at school 5 hours last Saturday for the technical dress rehearsal, 7 hours on Monday for the full dress rehearsal, & lots of hours this Friday & Saturday for our performances. Also, I have felt as though my brain has not been my own as every second or third thought was, “Oh, I need to get ‘x’ for the play” or “I need to tell so-and-so something about the play”. So, I am very glad that the play is over and get my life & my brain back. I’m very happy to announce that it was a huge success. I had a lot of help from some very talented people who really made me look good! Plus, the students did an excellent job and pulled out more character development than I ever saw in practice! It was lots of fun to see everything come together & I have to say that I am very proud of each & every one of my actors! Here are some pictures – Enjoy!


Makeup time for one of our trees by our very skilled makeup & costume director, Julie


img_21331Me & King Absent-Minded before the start of the play


img_2148Snow White & her animal friends (Tillie turtle, Bunny, Primrose the Skunk, & Bonnie the bunny)


img_2154The Seven Dwarfs – Little Banjo, Echo Echo, Curly, Weepy, Hickory, Dickory, & Dock



Queen Bella & her maid, Dim Witty


img_2162Snow White & Queen Bella disguised as an ugly old lady just before Snow white takes that fateful bite of apple


img_2171Prince Good-hearted after he has broken the spell on Snow White. No, there was no kissing in this play. He DOES declare his love for her & as he goes to lift her to carry her back to his castle where he can keep her safe, the bite of apple falls out of her mouth & Snow White awakens. 



Scully, the King’s servant backstage (Micah was backstage during one of the performances to help keep things quiet, while I sat in the sound booth  for both performances to direct the lights & sounds)



One of the trees & ‘the mirror’ or rather the voice of the mirror



Everyone – Cast, crew, & directors. There were about 45 of us in all!


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