Eastern European Road Trip, Part 1

This year we had our 3rd annual road trip with our friends, Julia & Rachel, (Our past trips were a German road trip & an orange throwing festival in Italy), through Eastern Europe. You can see in the picture below our very cool “team uniform” designed & made by Rachel. The 3 is for our 3rd trip. The two “E”s are for Eastern Europe. 


Rachel, Heather, Micah, & Julia

Our first stop was Prague. Since we had all been there before we wandered through the sights until we were cold & then we would find a coffee shop to sit in & warm up. Prague is a beautiful city & we all enjoyed the sights. The only disappointment was that the Charles Bridge was under construction & not quite as nice to look at!


One of the statues surrounding the King Wenceslas statue on Wenceslas Square



A view of the Old Town


img_1768The Castle from Charles Bridge

We rang in 2009 while we were in Prague. We had every intention of going downtown to where the party was, but we ran out of time and ended up in a park on a hill overlooking the city & the fireworks. It ended up being way better as we were about even with or looking down one a lot of the fireworks, except that ones that were being shot off behind us! It was pretty amazing!


img_1781Julia, Rachel, & Heather celebrate the first few minutes of 2009


On our second day in Prague, we went up Petrin Hill & climbed the “Eiffel tower” for a pretty good view of the city below. I had to borrow a picture off the internet of the tower, because no one took a picture of it! It is technically as high as the Eiffel tower, because while the tower itself is shorter it is on top of a hill.

Petrin Hill Tower



View of the city from the top of the tower

img_1800Tyn Church & the Christmas market in Old Town Square


“A popular Czech Christmas Market snack with an unfortunate name” – Micah


img_1815Prague at night


img_1818The yummy dinner that Rachel & I shared at a wonderful Mexican restaurant!


On our way from Prague to Budapest, we had to stop in Kutna Hora at the Bone church for Micah. Underneath the church, the chapel is decorated with bones from 40,000 people who died in the bubonic plague. It was pretty gross.


Chandelier made from all the bones in a body


img_1829 Family Crest made of bones


img_1835Micah, Heather, Rachel, & Julia underneath the chandelier


img_1832Don’t worry, we didn’t forget Madeline! She got to come along on this trip as well.


Up next…Budapest, Hungary




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One response to “Eastern European Road Trip, Part 1

  1. OK, Micah and Heather – we are officially jealous of all the fun you’ve had these last few years with Julia and Rachel! We want to take a road trip with you too!! So maybe can we plan a fun trip next year together to, say, like, Luetschenbach or some other fun place off the beaten path that might just take two cars, lots of food, and 4 days to plan, what with the kiddos in tow? (And if we invite the Bryans it will get even CRAZIER!)
    Seriously, though, we miss you all and can’t wait to see you!
    Love you lots,
    Dan & Michelle, Hannah and Rachelle

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