My holiday plans are riding on a football game!

I’m sure many of you are thinking, “What?!?!” and I know it sounds crazy, so let me start at the beginning. My dad is a HUGE Oregon State fan (really, ‘fan’ is  an understatement) and it has been his lifelong dream to watch his team play in the Rose Bowl (the last time the Beavers went to the Rose Bowl was in 1964). About a month ago, people (& by people I mean sports papers/writers) started talking about the fact that IF the Beavers were to win their last three games they would be in the Rose Bowl. Well, that was a couple weeks ago and they have won two of those three games. Their third game comes this Saturday against the University of Oregon (the biggest rival of the Beavers). So, if the Beavers beat the Ducks they will be going to the Rose Bowl and my dad has promised to fly us home so that we can go with the family down to the game. I’m a little nervous about the game this Saturday, because not only are my holiday plans on the line; I’m a little nervous about my dad. I’m afraid that if the Ducks win, I may no longer have a father, because either A) he will literally die when he realizes that his sworn enemy has just taken away his lifelong dream or B) he will be in prison, because he will have killed the first Duck fan to make any unkind comment towards him, in other words, the first Duck fan he sees. 

So, there you have it. Either I’m headed to Oregon for Christmas & the Rose Bowl for New Years OR I’m staying right here. Who knew that a month before Christmas I wouldn’t know where I’d be spending it… and that it would all depend on a football game!



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2 responses to “My holiday plans are riding on a football game!

  1. Amy

    What?!!! Are you serious? That’s awesome! There’s no reason they shouldn’t win! How long would you be here?

  2. Leslie

    Haha! That’s hilarious! Yeah, my brother and dad are going a little crazy right now, too. Well, here’s to the Beavers winning (for many reasons)!! Go OSU!!

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