I love my job!


 For library, I always spend the last 15 minutes of class reading out of a book. I had been debating about what to read to the 1st/2nd grade class and had been throwing around the idea of reading a chapter book instead of the normal picture books. I was thinking about maybe reading “Ramona” to them, but then I was realizing that there is only 1 girl in the whole class. I decided to try reading “Henry Huggins” to see what would happen. After I had been reading for about 13 minutes, one of the boys raised his had. I stopped reading & called on him. He said, “Is this a chapter book?!?”  I said, “Yes, it is.” And then one of the other little boys said in his british accent with excitement, “I can see it all happening in my head!!” It was a moment to make any librarian proud!! To see the younger students come to understand the joy of reading a book without pictures & the fun that envisioning it all in your head can be!


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