Ireland, Day 4

Our fourth day in Ireland, we spent close to ‘home’ at the Bothy, which was good, because I was getting dangerously close to a sinus infection. We did go out once, because we wanted to hike to the very end of the peninsula on which we were staying. First, we stopped to say hello to the two donkeys owned by the B&B owners. They use the donkeys for hauling stuff around their place. The donkeys were named Ginny & Finny:


We took our car & drove out towards the end of the peninsula. There is a parking lot right where the “trail” starts. It was not a very well marked trail, just these wooden posts every 200 meters or so, which were hard to see with so many hills & so much fog!

Thankfully in places there is a trail worn down that you can follow. The owners of the B&B also told us to follow the overhead wires, which takes power out to the lighthouse. 

And here is the end of the peninsula:


And here I am with the Irish Heather in the background: 

It was one of the few things that grew out this far on the peninsula, which reminded me of the reason that makes me like my name all the more, because Heather is a plant that not only grows, but thrives where little else can survive. I hope & pray that I can thrive wherever God chooses to use me. 

So after our walk, I crashed in our ‘bothy’ & Micah did a bit of exploring on his own. First at the place where we were staying:



And then he went a little further afield & did a hike on his own past an abandoned village:



That night we went out to dinner at a bed & breakfast. We think it was the only place within about 40 minutes where we could have bought dinner! Afterwards we went to the pub where I had a cup of Barry’s tea, which did wonders for my cold, something about the caffeine I think!  Later that night there was some live music, but we were both quite tired by that point & didn’t end up staying for much of it. 


Our fifth day dawned bright & clear! A perfect day for a drive across Ireland! This is a picture of the B&B owner’s dog, Shep. She was SO smart. She was supposed to stay in her bed when we came into the conservatory for breakfast, but she knew that if the table was set, we must be coming & she figured out the first morning that we were more than happy to give her pets, so she would stand & wait right by the door so that she could get some pets before the lady caught her & sent her to her bed.


Before leaving the peninsula we drove back out to the parking lot that we had parked at the day before & hiked back inland.


We got to a point up on top of a hill where we could look back inland towards “Ireland” & away from the ocean and see water on both sides of the peninsula, which gives you an idea of how narrow this peninsula is at the end:

It was so beautiful! As we were headed off the peninsula we stopped for a quick picture of the B&B we stayed at & our ‘bothy’. This picture gives you a good idea of how out of the way the place was that we stayed. 

If anyone is headed to Ireland & looking for a great, quiet place to stay, we would highly recommend Ballyroon Mountain! We continued our drive along the southern part of Ireland and stopped off at a stone cirlce. It looks impressive & it was pretty neat, but just to give you a point of reference, I was about as tall or taller than all the rocks.


 We continued driving along the “coast”, not really by the water, but that gives you a point of reference of how we drove back to Dublin. When we were about an hour outside of Dublin, we stopped at Glendalough, which is an Early Medieval monastic settlement started in the 6th century. It was SO amazing! We took lots of pictures, but as it was starting to get dark, not all of them turned out as clearly as we would have liked, but I will share some of my favorites.











After Glendalough, we drove the rest of the way to Dublin, where we stayed with the BFA family once again. We enjoyed getting to know them a little better while we were there. The next morning we flew out of Dublin & headed back to Kandern. We had a great trip & felt that we really got to experience Ireland while we were there!


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  1. You guys are SO good about taking advantage of living where we do.

    Still fighting the jealousy………… =)

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