Aunt & Uncle – to be

When we were home, we found out that Micah’s brother & wife are expecting! This is Micah’s parents’ first grand baby, so, of course, they are ecstatic. This is also Micah & my first niece or nephew & we are excited to get to be the cool Aunt & Uncle who spoil the kids & then once they are hyper, send them home! Okay, I know that right now it won’t work seeing as their parents would have to put the kid on a plane in order for them to come visit us & I’m thinking that as much as they like us, they aren’t going to be that keen on letting their baby travel by itself before it turns one! I guess we will just have to go & visit him/her.

As aunt & uncle it will be our responsibility to buy our niece/nephew the best toys that we can find. And by best, I mean for the kid, not for the parents. Micah has already picked out a toy that he wants to get his niece/nephew when the child is old enough to walk around, but in case his brother & wife happen to read this site, well, I’ll just have to leave it up to your imagination for now. In talking with some of our friends, they recommended this:

This mouse, apparently, sings the most annoying song in the world, over and over and over and over and… You get the point! So, any suggestions for toys that we could get for our new niece or nephew? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated since we aren’t in the U.S. enough to keep up on all the great toys!



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3 responses to “Aunt & Uncle – to be

  1. Hey,

    Hope you guys are well and school has had a good start!
    Since Sophie just had her birthday, we’ll gladly compile a list of annoying toys for you…Ha Ha. I think she recieved them all.
    And about a plane ride…just ask us on the right day and she’d probably be able to come see you.
    Love you guys, Anna

  2. I don’t know a lot about newborn/little baby toys, but most older babies/toddlers seem to love stacking cups. Also you can get fun, colorful, little board books that are great. And it’s suggested to start reading to babies at a young age, so that could work. And it would be very fitting coming from you! =)

  3. Amy & John

    Clearly the mouse is the best choice for most annoying toy for parents – and yet most enjoyed by kids – ever…

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