My friend’s wedding

One of the main reasons for our trip back to the states this summer was for my friend’s wedding. Kim & I met when we were in middle school & let me tell you, we were cool. Okay, maybe not. But we had fun together. We even did a couple piano duets together. I always say if you can be friends in middle school & friends afterwards, then there is something to that friendship. When we both headed off to college, we became part of a wonderful group of friends that would get together every break to catch up. (We still get together as often as the opportunity presents itself, which isn’t as often as we would like.)

Well, off to Germany I went & Kim became one of my supporters. A year & a half later when I was home for my own wedding (which Kim was in), Kim told me that she was thinking of coming to BFA to be an RA. When she told me it was such an “of course, why didn’t I think of this sooner” moment. Kim was SO good with youth that it just made sense for her to come over to BFA & be an R.A. And so for three years, it was wonderful to have one of my good friends just down the road. Close enough for the occasional afternoon coffee. Plus, it was great to be able to talk about life and friends in Jefferson. Well, she followed my example & got herself one of the few single BFA guys and this summer I got to be in her wedding as she married Byron.

The dress

I love this picture of Kim, because her face is so full of joy of finding herself finally in her beautiful dress on her wedding day about to marry her best friend.

One final touch-up before the walk down the aisle

Three of the four bridesmaids: Amy (R.A. friend of Kim’s), me, & Emily (part of the group of friends from home). The fourth bridesmaid was her maid of honor & sister, Mindy.

Kim & her dad

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Me & my wonderful husband

The BFA crowd at Kim & Byron’s wedding. We had it all: former R.A.’s (Jonathan, Breanna, Heather, Kristin, Amy, & Ricki), current R.A.’s (Vangie & Joni), BFA alumni (Sam, Adam, Nathan, Tim, Beki, Katie, Simon, & Sean), BFA students (Thandazo & Erin), and current staff (Micah, Heather, Jeff, & Kathy). All together there were 24 of us.

I’m going to miss not having Kim here this year, but I know that God has wonderful things planned for her & Byron in the future!


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  1. How FUN that your junior high friend got to be here with you for 3 years!!!!!!!!!

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