We spent 3 weeks in Oregon and while we were there, we saw a lot of our friends & family. There were a few people that we missed seeing, mostly because of schedule. All in all, it was a great trip. Especially, the weather! After being in hot, humid Maryland, Oregon felt amazing! We got to do a lot of fun things & I have lots of pictures from our time there, so I will try to pick some of the best to show you a little of all the fun that we got to have!

This is the Columbia Gorge fairly close to Portland. We had one afternoon where we got to visit Powell’s (our favorite bookstore) & then drive the old historic highway. It was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon.


We also visited Micah’s aunt & uncle. While we don’t have a picture of them, we do have a picture of their goats!

We got to meet Sophie, Micah’s cousin’s baby. She is such a cutie & we wish we were a whole lot closer!

The Hilton family took a 3-day vacation over to Echo, Oregon to visit my brother Noah. We went to an Oregon trail/Lewis & Clark museum, which was interesting. But perhaps the more interesting thing was visiting Noah at work. He works for a farmer with 10,000 acres! I’ve never seen so much land that belonged to one person before! This is Caleb out in the middle of one of the fields.

This is what Noah was doing at that point in time. Driving a tractor & collecting wheat from the combines.

Me & my “little” brother & no, I’m not pregnant & no, I didn’t put on 100lbs of weight while I was home. Although, I did eat a LOT of good food!

We went to another museum in Pendleton. An “underground” museum (meaning it was in the basments of a lot of buildings & they were all connected). This is where an old Speakeasy was back in the day.

The other thing we did while we were there was play with the 10 puppies that Noah’s dog had. They were SO cute & we nearly brought one of them back to Germany with us!

Like I said, they were SO cute!

Our last night, we had a family BBQ. My brother’s girlfriend, Lacey was also there. Actually, we were in her backyard, so of course she was there. And as you can tell, Caleb was REALLY excited to be there.

While home for the summer, I helped to throw a wedding shower for my friend, Kim.







Mindy, myself, Kim, & Emily at the shower. The only bridesmaid not in attendance was Amy, but she lives quite a few states away & was only flying in a few days before the wedding.

This is Micah’s favorite stop in Oregon. They are all over & very conveniently located for Micah to pull in & get his coffee fix!

One day we went to visit some friends of our church who have a tiger. Actually two. This is one of them.

And this is the other one. She is just a “baby”, although she is quite large already.

The also have a bobcat that really likes hair. Here she is licking Micah’s hair.

They also have a pet skunk. Actually she is still a baby & has been deglanded. I couldn’t believe how soft she was & somewhat cute, once I got past the fact that I was petting a skunk.

The other fun part of the summer was playing with the 4 kittens that my parents got. We also got to name them. One of them looks similar to one we got last summer that we named Bob. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, so we named this one Bob Jr. There was a black & white one with a goatee, so we named it Mr. Tumnus (from the Narnia series) & then found out that he was a she, so we just called her Tumnus. The two black ones above we figured would be hard to tell apart so we named them Daryl & the other brother Daryl.

Well, that is Oregon in a nutshell. Like I said before we got to see tons of people, but unfortunately, I never remember to take pictures of us with our friends, so these will have to suffice.


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