Blast from the past!

Micah & I are subbing at Witt this weekend & while I was sitting at the computer in the office, I thought I would post a few pictures from my days as an R.A.

Here is one of my R.A. partners, Julia, & I on the bridge in Basel

Here is my other R.A. partner, Angela, & one of our dorm girls, Rachel. Rachel is finishing her second year in University & her little sister now lives at Witt.

Here I am with Rachel & another girl in her grade, Elim. Rachel & I are doing the standard “korean” picture pose! Ah, I miss these girls!

Here is my staff ready to serve dessert to our girls at school. Wow! Look at how bad the Janz Building looked!

Here is a picture of my dear husband. Although, at the time, he was simply Micah, a guy I found… well… intriguing!

And here is another picture of Micah, entertaining some of the students at Thanksgiving. You’d think that this would have scared me off, but nope, I still started dating him a few days after this!

The next fall with some fellow R.A.s at the Fall party. The theme was “Blast from the Past”, so we dressed as ourselves when we were in college. How original, eh?

More of my R.A. friends! God definitely blessed me with some good friends for my years in the dorm. Just like he continues to bless me now with good friends.

I could continue to add pictures as there are plenty more, but I think I will stop. Thanks for taking a trip with me down memory lane!


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  1. Fun pictures!! Yes, the Altbau looks terrible! It looks like you’re hanging out in some seedy part of town. =)

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