Spring Break, part 2

We just got back from the Janz Team conference in Schwaebisch Gmuend at Schoenblick retreat center. This was about 3 1/2 hours from Stuttgart. We had a good time & enjoyed being with many of our friends. One of the afternoons in our free time, we headed to the zoo in Stuttgart with three of our friends. We had the most beautiful weather for our afternoon with the animals. This zoo was in some ways more like a park with lots of flowers than just a zoo.

This is a picture of one of the hot houses we walked through.


We got to see them feeding the sea lions while we were there. It was pretty funny even though we couldn’t understand what the trainer was saying!


There were lots of little babies everywhere we went. The monkey (& gorilla) babies were definitely among our favorites!



Did you know that under their fur, Tigers’ skin is striped like their fur? (This fact is thanks to the back of the instant oatmeal package brought to us by Micah’s parents!)


There were no baby elephants, in fact all of them were born before I was born. One of them was born the year my Dad was born, although my Dad is looking MUCH better than the elephant!

Here’s one for my roommate in college:


This is the area I had been waiting to see the entire time we were at the zoo: the polar bears!


It was a very big disappointment for me though, because the one polar bear I wanted to see was not out for the public. His name is Wilbaer. Isn’t he cute? Can’t you see why I was gravely disappointed?



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  1. I’m so glad you now have a comment-on-able blog!! It’s about time!

    Your Spring Break sounds like soooooo much fun! I’m jealous.

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