Phone photos, vol. 1

Now that I’ve joined the 21st century & have a smart phone I’m able to take pictures of things when we are out & about, because I always have a camera with me! I like that I don’t miss out on fun memories, but I end up with lots of random photos on my phone. I’m going to have to be diligent to pull them off my phone & put them on the blog occasionally! So here is the first collection from the past couple months!

Heading out on a Field Trip with his teacher!

Who knew cheesy rings could be so much fun?!?!

Picnic lunch after church

A girl after her mom’s heart! We love our Doritos! (Also, she is wearing one of my dresses from when I was a girl!)

McDonald’s Play place

My messy girl!

Morning craft time!

I LOVE the springtime trees!

Our front door when Daddy came home from his accreditation trip to Africa!

My handsome big boy!


Such a girly girl – she fell asleep clutching her flower hair clip!

The view from ECA – so very, very green on this springtime day! (By June nothing will be green anymore so we try to soak it up while we can!)

Audrey the Alien (the kids did a school-wide unit on space during their second trimester)

Inside a rocket ship

The kids’ school all decorated at the end of their unit on space

Audrey the Astronaut 

Wedding invitation to my baby brother’s wedding this August!

Ezra & Heidi the Third

Must be spring…the trees are out of their plastic & back out on the patio!

Ezra was very proud of his “ball legs” & insisted I take a picture! 

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A few more pictures from our day trip to Ávila

The kids & I with our yummy treats!

Micah, Heather, & Tim with Yemas, the ‘famous’ treat of Ávila! They were … interesting. We have some left if anyone wants to try them!

Steph & I on the wall with the cathedral in the background

Our kids LOVED climbing up into the turrets!

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The Kiss

It’s hard to believe, but today is 11 years since Micah & I got engaged! It was the second best decision of my life (saying “yes” to Jesus was my first best decision!)!!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, godly husband and I thank God every day for bringing us together!

11 years ago in front of Rodin’s “The Kiss”

This past December in front of the same statue, which sadly had been moved so we couldn’t get the exact same picture! 

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Spring Break: the end

We spent the majority of our last day of spring break in Madrid. The kids needed to go to their pediatrician for their yearly check-up (the English speaking one is downtown) so we decided to make a day of it! We had lunch at a park next to a lake & let the kids play at the nearby playground.

Enjoying a picnic in the sunshine!

The pretty lake in the background!

Audrey kept trying to find a shady place to hide! 

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Spring Break: Easter

A couple days before Easter Audrey & I had some mom-daughter time by baking cookies together. She wanted to do cut-out cookies and although we started with easter cookies, we then migrated to dinosaurs, & ended up with Christmas! Who can understand the mind of a 3-year old!!!

Easter morning with their easter baskets!!

Dressed up for church

After church we were invited to lunch at a friend’s house! We didn’t end up leaving the party until about dinner time & the kids took FOREVER to eat their dinner, so our good intention of having an easter egg hunt on Easter didn’t happen. Since the eggs had already been hidden we decided we’d do the egg hunt in the morning, which resulted in Audrey asking, “Is it morning now?” ever 5 minutes from when she got into bed until she fell asleep!!!

The easter egg hunt outfits!!! And can we say personality?!?!

Audrey found some!

Way to go, Ezra!!

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Spring Break: Ávila

We took a short day trip to Ávila with Aunt Stephanie & her friend from BFA that was visiting!

The kids immediately began climbing on these rocks! 

The view from where we ate lunch!

Audrey found a shady spot to hide!

King of the Mountain

The plaza in Ávila

Looking at the model of the walls surrounding the city

The view of the Cathedral from up on the wall

Steph & Tim

Our family (for some reason Ezra insisted on kissing my hand in the picture!)

Ezra was super excited to explore all the various turrets along the wall!

This one has no fear & may have given her mother a few heart attacks!

Being a princess in the castle!

A family picture with everyone looking at the camera this time!

More views from the castle wall

An ice cream break in front of the castle walls


Los Cuatro postes

Ávila from a distance

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Spring Break: the beginning

We have been enjoying a wonderful, relaxing spring break! The weather has been beautiful and with very few plans we’ve been able to read, watch movies, go to parks, and eat some yummy meals!

Ezra loves watching shows on the computer! And any day where you are still in your jammies at 3 in the afternoon is a successful day in his books!

Because we didn’t have any plans, I was able to get all my scrapbooking stuff out & just leave it out for 4 days and finally catch up on some of the projects I’ve been working on!

Sadly, Audrey spent the beginning of the break in her room because she was sick! (Although it doesn’t look like too bad of a life, does it?!?!) She was pretty excited about her trip to the doctor a couple days ago, because Audrey LOVES going to the doctor!! 

We also broke out some new toys that we ‘inherited’ from a family leaving ECA. Ezra was in heaven & spent most of one morning playing with the new animals. When Micah & I sat down in the living room during rest time, we saw this scene! When Ezra was up we asked him what was going on & he said that the lions were eating the horse! (He is SO matter-of-fact about the food chain!) He did go on to explain that they were being scavengers, not hunters, so the horse had died of natural consequences! 

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