Black (& Red & White) Friday

Last summer, in the reading program at our public library, Ezra earned himself a free ticket to a Blazer’s game! In addition, you could get the rest of the tickets at half the price, so we decided to cash in on the deal! Black Friday was the day that made the most sense as it would give the kids a morning to sleep-in (or so we thought when we bought the tickets, little knowing that our football team would be playing for State Championship the next morning – they lost, but 2nd in the state is still impressive!). We decided to make an afternoon & evening of it, so I arranged a coffee date with a friend I rarely get to see!



While I had coffee with my friend, Micah took the kids to a train museum


Sitting up on the bed in the caboose!


They also went to the park & fed the ducks!


We had dinner at Burgerville! So delicious!!


We didn’t own any Blazer gear, so we went with the right colors!!


It was Civil War night, so we got to see Benny Beaver!!


Our seats were pretty high up, but it was still a fun experience!


For everyone except Micah, it was our first NBA game!


Go Blazers!


Even a basketball game can’t hold her concentration for too long! It’s hard turning a basketball program into an “activity book”!

It was a fun night & we ended up beating the New Orleans Pelicans 104 – 119!


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Ezra had to make this cornucopia for his class to tell the things he is thankful for! He is thankful for whales, dolphins, sharks, birds, fish, mammals, dinosaurs, amphibians, reptiles, and family!


Audrey had a little program in her class on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break! It was adorable!!


Me & my little girl!


Me with my pilgrim!


I completely forgot to take any pictures on Thanksgiving! It was a wonderful day with my family! This was my first year making my Grandma’s rolls & they turned out delicious!!

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National Prematurity Day


Today is National Prematurity Day. I find it incredible that is is also the day we brought our 33-weeker home from the hospital after her 10-day stay in the NICU! 5 years ago, we got the good news that Audrey was well enough to come home with us! The emotions that instantly flooded me: relief, nervousness, excitement, fear! She was so little & had to come home on a heart monitor. Having already had a ‘normal’ infant, I knew the hard work that was ahead of me, but I also knew it would be compounded by her prematurity. I was right. But we made it (thanks to lots of help from family & friends who showered us with love & support)! And today, we celebrate 5 years since Audrey came home!


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A princess party

My little girl turned FIVE!!! She requested a Sleeping Beauty birthday party! I’m not sure she has even seen the movie, but a Sleeping Beauty party we had!


The Birthday Girl at breakfast wearing a panda hat! (I don’t even know….the things that happen in our house!)


Pretty in Pink


Lots of family came to celebrate with us!


Blowing out the candles on her cake

(I took a cake decorating class & it worked out that my last class fell close enough to her birthday so I got to make her cake in my class)


Time for presents


Audrey’s present from Nene & Da! A Barbie bike & a princess helmet! It couldn’t be more girly! Or more perfect!

When I was pregnant with Ezra I signed up for emails from BabyCenter that told me how big my baby was as it grew. Once he was born I transitioned to e-mails about milestones as a baby. I did the same when I was pregnant with Audrey & after she was born. My e-mail this week did not say, “Your baby this week”. Nor did it say, “Your toddler this week”. It didn’t even say, “Your preschooler this week”. Now it says, “Your Big Kid this week!” I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to be a Big Kid, but that is what she is!!

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One more from Spirit Week…


Micah with the Homecoming Court

The Homecoming court was having professional pictures taken for the yearbook & Micah was there as a chaperone. The students asked him to join in for one picture & this is the result! I LOVE this picture! It shows perfectly the relationship that my husband has with his students! Plus you can see that it is a gorgeous fall day in the PNW, which is perhaps my favorite type of day in one of my favorite places!

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Spirit Week

A week ago, we had Spirit Week at school (the kids love it, the moms!), which meant a different costume each day (now you know why the moms are a little less enthused)! It actually is a lot fun & even the teachers get in on the dressing-up!



I didn’t get a picture every day, but this was Wednesday: “What I want to be when I grow up”. Audrey was a princess, of course, & Ezra was a paleontologist (complete with a fossil)!


Thursday was favorite movie/show character: Audrey was Sleeping Beauty (which is kind of funny given that she has never seen the movie!) and Ezra was Martin Kratt


Friday was Race for Education day so the kids wore school colors & had their ‘race’ around the track!


The different age groups race at different times, but Micah was able to join both kids for one lap around the track. I was there to help hand out the treats at the end, but managed to get in a lap with each kid as well!


Audrey with a couple of her friends from preschool! She’s such a social butterfly!


Friday night was the Homecoming game! Audrey was enthralled with all the princesses on the court & they had to get their picture with this Princess who just happens to be one of their babysitters!!

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It’s been over a month now since we went to Oktoberfest. Our school has a funnel cake booth & we needed to go support them!!! We enjoyed the “Kindergarten” that was set up for the kids in spite of quite a bit of rain!



Pony Rides


So happy to be riding a “horse”!


Running through the hay maze


Looking for that exit!


Petting the bunny at the petting zoo




Such a brave girl!


Enjoying bratwursts (& Sauerkraut for the adults!)


Such a wet day, but still a fun time together!

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