Texas, Day 2

On our second day, our friend drove us into Dallas so we could go to the Dallas World Aquarium. (He had mentioned to Ezra that there was an aquarium in Dallas when he had visited us last fall and that got Ezra excited to go to Dallas!) It was a pretty amazing aquarium. Large parts of it were essentially in the open!


We got to stand right under the sloth sitting in the tree!!



I got to see a Manatee!!! I’ve always thought they were super cute, but I had never seen one in real life! They are BIG!!!! 



Weedy Sea Dragon & Leafy Sea Dragon!! The detail on these is incredible! You can see how they just blend in with their surroundings!



There was a big glass tunnel with sharks swimming all around! We lucked out and were there for feeding time, which Ezra thought was amazing!!!



Pretty flamingos!

Our friend drove us around to some of the sights in Dallas before we headed back home. On the way we stopped to get cookies, but not just any cookies…


SHARK COOKIES!!! It just happened to be shark week while we were in Texas and our  friend had seen that one of the restaurants in the area was going to be selling shark cookies. He knew Ezra’s love of sharks & made a stop just for him!! Ezra was thrilled!!

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Texas, Day 1

We have friends that live in Texas that had invited us to come visit them & it was much more economical to add a few days onto the end of our trip to Maryland than to buy round-trip tickets to Texas.

We started our first full day in Texas by going to church with our friends and then out to lunch at Rodeo Goat!


The burger options were staggering & I wanted to try them all!! (photo courtesy of the internet as I was too focused on eating!)


From there we went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens



Family photo at the Water Gardens!


Micah used to come to the Water Gardens when he was a kid, so it was fun for him to bring his kids here!



There was a “mountain” there, which the kids had to climb up, of course!!



We had to kick Ezra out of the “Quiet Pool”, but I couldn’t really blame him, because it was such a warm afternoon!


For dessert we went to Steel City Pops. They were perfect on a hot day!! 


After our outing to Forth Worth, we went back to our friends’ house & enjoyed spending the rest of the afternoon in their pool!

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A few more pictures from Maryland

I found a few more fun pictures on Micah’s phone that I thought I should put up!


Audrey waiting for the Maryland Science Museum to open up (Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is behind her)



Ezra loved the dinosaur exhibit!



Audrey practiced digging up fossils



In Ezra’s mind, no trip to Maryland is complete without a visit to the Baltimore Aquarium, so Micah took him one evening!



Ezra touching a hissing cockroach!



As they were going through the Baltimore Aquarium, Ezra suddenly remembered that the Kratt Brothers had been there & filmed an intro to one of their shows! Apparently, this is where Ezra was telling everyone around him that he was standing on “Kratt ground”!



He decided that this was the exact tank that the Kratt Brothers were standing in front of! Can you tell he is a HUGE fan???



Cool dude going for a ride in Da’s car!



Goodbye Maryland, Hello Texas!!

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More fun in Maryland!


Enjoying tasty Rita’s!!



National Zoo



The cutest baby Orangutan!!



Pandas are incredibly cute!! And so playful!!



They had cows in the “farm” part of the zoo. I had never seen a full-grown cow with no udder! I was super confused! Turns out if a cow doesn’t have a baby, it doesn’t have an udder!



Getting a haircut from Nene!



Giving Pepper some loves!



Cheering their cousin on at her swim meet!



Playing with the pom pom launcher!



Laying on a bed of nails!



We love Maryland! (And their delicious crab!!!)



Thanks to PicturePeople we got an adorable picture of the cousins!



Pool Time!!



Going for a ride with Da in his fast car! 

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Dutch Wonderland

Being a West Coast girl I didn’t know anything about Dutch Wonderland, but when Nene said that she wanted to take the kids, I looked it up online and knew it would be a hit! And I was right!!


Cousins – Excited for the day!



Selfie on the boat ride



Audrey wanted a picture with the Dutch Wonderland mascot, Duke the Dragon



Having fun on the slide!



Audrey always likes to ride the carousel!



Ezra was still finishing his sandwich from lunch as he got on this ride!



Bumper Cars!!!



Waiting to drive the car with Nene!



Audrey & Da



Audrey loved driving!






And a couple of newly hatched dinos!!



A paleontologist in training!



The girls are out for a drive by themselves!!



Then we went to the water park…Audrey decided she did NOT like the slides!!! Ezra on the other hand did!!



Thanks, Nene & Da, for a fun day at Dutch Wonderland!

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Road Trip, Day 4

This day was mostly spent driving. We were headed home and had a lot of ground to cover. We opted for a slightly longer route to avoid tolls (& hopefully traffic).


We took a small detour into Massachusetts so we could add it to our list!



Then back into Rhode Island!



And on to Connecticut!


Our first & really only major stop of the day was in Scranton, PA to visit…


The University of Scranton where Micah earned his Master’s Degree!



This was Micah’s first time on campus!


It was fun to walk around the campus! The kids enjoyed getting their wiggles out!



We walked up as high as we could in one of the buildings!



There were lots of great quotes around campus



Since we were in Scranton we drove around & saw a couple other places (although everything was closed since it was already after 5)



I was thankful the coal mine museum was closed, because I’m not crazy about being underground, but this was also closed too!



Looking out over Scranton! 


We made it home by 11:30 that night! We were tired of driving, but we had a fun trip & got to see lots of fun new sights!

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Road Trip, Day 3

Our friends cooked us an amazing breakfast & took us to get donuts at their local donut shop!! Sooo tasty! Then it was on to..


The cliff walk in Newport! This was where the rich people of New York City used to come to their summer “cottages” for 6 – 8 weeks!



The pretty Atlantic Ocean!



One of the beautiful summer “cottages”!!!



The Breakers owned by the Vanderbilts, but now is a hotel



The kids couldn’t wait to play in the ocean! The water had a reddish tint to it because of all the seaweed in it!



The kids ended up covered with little pieces of the red seaweed!!



Enjoying the water with our friends’ son!



My kids first time in the Atlantic Ocean!



It was so good to catch up with my friend again!!


The plan was to have a picnic on the beach. Our friends set out all the food while we watched the kids play and then joined us down by the surf. A couple minutes later a lady came up to us & told us that seagulls were helping themselves to the food! They had gotten into the vegetables & ripped open one of the bags of chips! Thankfully, the chicken was left untouched, so we were still able to sit down for lunch. As we did, raindrops began to fall. We though we might have time to finish, but within 5 minutes it was a downpour! We quickly packed up & headed out! Before heading back to their house, we stopped at their local ice cream shop for a quick dessert!! Thankfully, the rain hadn’t made it that far yet! We had a wonderful evening catching up on all the years since we’d seen them last!

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