For one child we’ve moved into the “Let’s annoy mom by keeping my eyes closed OR by looking like I’m being tortured having to stand & have a picture taken”. The other one still enjoys pictures as you can tell by that gigantic grin! She was also super excited about her pretty easter dress!


Easter egg hunt after church!


Baba brought eggs too & hid them inside the house!


Sometimes a little guidance is needed!


Checking to see what is inside the eggs!


Looking at a picture of Baba when she was a girl! 

It was fun to have Grandpa & Baba with us for Easter dinner! 

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Spring Break, other fun times


This was actually the day before Spring Break started, but I HAD already picked up Audrey from school, so HER break had started! It was such a gorgeous day & while the mountain looks small in this picture, it seemed much larger in real life! I’m still adjusting to large mountains on the horizon! 


The first morning of break…using binoculars to watch the animals in the neighborhood! (from the comfort of the living room while in PJs!)


Also on the first day of break, we went to the RV Paloooza! It sounds random, I know, but my kids have a funny fascination with RVs, even though at this point in time, they had never been in one! I decided to change that! It was perfect, because there was lots of space to run & they got to explore a number of RVs! I was shocked by how roomy some of them are! 


Fun with cousins!


We had a friend babysit the kids one morning so we could have a breakfast date at an amazing restaurant called, Word of Mouth! It’s a long wait (but SO worth it) so we made use of the time & walked around the capitol grounds. 

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Spring Break, Adventure #2

On Friday of Spring Break we took our second adventure: a day trip to the Coast! It was cloudy & rainy as we came down out of the Coast Range, but after our stop to buy buckets & shovels, the sun was peeking through! By the time we reached the Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay the sun was out & stayed out for the remainder of the day!


The Whale Watching Center was a great place to start our search for whales as they were very helpful in telling us where to look for spouts & to tell us that what we saw was in fact a whale spouting! 


Our second stop was Boiler Bay for more whale watching


Happy girl!


It was a gorgeous day at the coast!


One of the volunteers had a box of whale toys & Ezra was in heaven!


At one point the coastguard came out because the volunteers had been worried about the possibility of a whale being stuck in a net. I’m not sure if they found anything, but it was fun to see the helicopter.


Picnic lunch


The last stop on our whale watching tour was the Inn at Spanish Head. It was a great spot & the volunteers were super friendly & so encouraging, telling us about local opportunities to foster Ezra’s love of sea animals!


The kids especially liked seeing this guy so close up!



After a stop at the Outlets came the kids favorite time: playing on the beach!!!


They LOVE playing in the sand & running into water


At the suggestion of family, we went for dinner at HWY 101 Burger! The kids had fun ‘playing’ with the arcade game.


The days of our kids sharing a meal are going to be ending soon, but we’ll hold on to it as long as we can! 


After a DELICIOUS meal, the kids got to sign the furniture, which they thought was SO fun!


We ended our beach day with dairy queen blizzards in the car parked with a great view of the ocean! All in all, a perfect day!

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Spring Break, Adventure #1

Our first adventure of Spring Break was an overnight trip to Seattle on the first weekend of the break (which we decided we really liked in terms of timing, because it started the week out with a bang, but we didn’t wind up so tired with something pushed right up against the start of school).


Taking in the Seattle Skyscrapers

Our first stop was Pike Place Market – the kids even got to see the men throw a fish! They were impressed!


Sitting on Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market


Picking out which donuts we wanted! So yummy!


We drove past the Space Needle as we left Pike Place Market


We also drove by the Fremont Troll, but Ezra did NOT want us to stop!

Our second stop (& ‘final’ destination of the day) was the Woodland Park Zoo! There was tons to see & the kids did an amazing job walking all around!


It was a cool day so a lot of the animals were snuggled up taking naps!



I didn’t get my camera out fast enough, but this guy had his face right up against the window at one point! It was a little scary! Definitely wouldn’t want to meet him in the wild!


Must be a terrapin turtle!


Mount Rainer was beautiful as we headed north


At the time the only 2 Chick-fil-A restaurants in all of the Pacific Northwest were in Washington, so naturally we stopped by one for dinner (one has since opened up in the Portland area, but we’ll need to wait until the hype has died down before attempting a visit there!)


We stayed the night in a hotel north of Seattle & the kids enjoyed swimming in the indoor pool! (picture taken from website as I forgot to bring our camera down)

The next day, after another dip in the pool & breakfast, we headed even further north to spend time with my brother & his wife! First stop was Junkyard Grill for lunch, but I was so distracted by the delicious food I forgot to take any pictures! From there we stopped at a couple different places in their little town, including the dog grooming shop where Myken works!


Audrey decided that Heidi needed to be groomed!


Aunt Myken even added a pretty bow to Heidi’s head after she was finished being ‘groomed’!

We spent quite a bit of time at Uncle Caleb & Aunt Myken’s house. The kids were enthralled with their cat as well as their collection of hula hoops & glowing balls! We also wandered down to the river on their property, threw rocks in the water, and the kids built a ‘castle’ by sticking sticks into the sand. It was a formidable looking fort, but once again, the camera was back in the house!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.47.00 PM

We got carry-out from Uncle Caleb’s restaurant and enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner in the park! The kids had a great time playing on the playground!

We had a long drive home after that & got in just before midnight, but it was a fun trip full of great adventures!

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Black Tie

Part of being in administration is attending Black Tie (essentially prom complete with corsages, limos, the whole nine yards!). The event was held in an old mill – turned museum/event locale. It was a nice evening & it seemed like everyone had a nice time!



The evening started with Italian sodas! Yum!


There was a nice dinner…


followed by dancing!


It’s fun to get to dress up & got out without kids once in a while!

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Micah got to take a super quick trip to California with a few of the staff from his high school to look at some of the private schools that are doing well & to see what they might want to implement into their own school. Even though it was a fast trip, I think they had a good time!



Any trip that includes In-N-Out is always a win!


To escape the gray, dreariness & get to spend a couple days in the sun is such an amazing gift in February!


Looks like summer instead of February!

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A little bit of everything…

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted anything. Mostly because life has just been chugging along normally without too many events to post. Here is a spattering of pictures from the past month:



Our little superhero!


Someone’s a little too excited to be having her picture taken!


Ah ha! Someone stole Daddy’s phone & is having too much fun practicing his photography skills & taking selfies!


Watching cartoons with her ponies!


In Ezra’s class, each student gets a turn being “the apple of the eye” during which they are the line leader, door holder, calendar person, etc. Part of this privilege means they bring in pictures to put on their teacher’s bulletin board. Ezra insisted on having his picture taken with Heidi (even though she has been to school a couple different times)!


Playing together! These two really are best friends!


Checking out one of the parks near our house!


Micah is a great dad – changing barbie dresses is not an easy undertaking!


Ezra talking with Grandpa about what animals he saw while diving in the Caribbean!


Cousin time!


Playing at a superbounce place for a cousin’s birthday!


Ezra in costume for “Favorite Book Character” day at school! Who is he…?



He’s really gotten into these books & reads them each evening before going to sleep!


A gray rainy day at the coast! I got to get away for a women’s retreat! It was SO nice!


When Mom’s away the kids have tons of fun! (And dress themselves!!!)

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