While Daddy’s away…

Micah had the opportunity to go with the 8th grade class to Washington D.C. for a week! So while Daddy was away, we got to play! Actually, I was covering the front office in the Junior High, because the lady who runs it was on the trip too, so I was looking for easy meals & cheap entertainment!

 IMG_0032 Dinner at Costco!


My kids love it here!

IMG_0050 A couple days later, we hit up McDonalds! Always a crowd pleaser!


Checking out which toy he got!

57811380723__EEDE854C-6CA2-451C-B515-2E37EF780CA4 I let the kids sleep in the living room one night!



They had fun making themselves “nests”!

57819646511__E5697295-24C7-438B-BC0C-783FD57D7051 My mom’s birthday fell during the trip, so Micah missed out on our family birthday dinner!


My mom’s fun birthday dessert!

57828414216__062D003E-0314-48E1-A11F-9E84AD1A68CF Audrey’s ankle got gravely injured (or at least she thought so!), so she doctored herself up!


Sleeping soundly!

57849669359__FCF8090E-0CA2-4B5C-9FD7-2FFD248FEE73 Another peaceful sleeper! I may have sent these to Micah on the day he flew home just to make sure he came home & didn’t decide to go have a vacation by himself after a week with all the 8th graders!


A haircut for our big boy! He hasn’t continued to style it, but he does prefer to have the top a bit longer!

Thankfully, Micah did get home, but not until after an hour & a half delay in departing Washington D.C.! It was frustrating for him & the others to not get home until after midnight, when they should have been home by 10.


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We celebrated a couple birthdays with my family on the evening before Easter, so we decided to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids! It was a huge hit, of course!

 IMG_0014 Looking for eggs!


“Look how many, Aunt Heather!”

IMG_0019 Getting a little help from Daddy/Uncle Micah!

We almost never remember to take a family photo on Easter Sunday, but this year it actually happened!


Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

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Black Tie

This year Black Tie (our school’s prom equivalent) was held in the Reed Opera House. I had never been there before – the venue was beautiful!

 IMG_3408The ASB did a great job decorating & the view from the windows was fantastic!

This year I decided to wear my prom dress that I wore to my own Senior Prom back in 1999, which was 20 years ago! (How is it even possible that it was that long ago???)


It still fits & it was lots of fun to wear it again! See my cute date?

And just for fun…here’s a couple pictures from the first time I wore the dress:



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Prairie skies

It wasn’t until we were nearing the end of our time in Saskatchewan that I realized that either Micah or I had taken nearly the same picture each day we’d been there! I love how it shows the variety in the weather & the skies!!

 IMG_3326 Sunday



Monday’s snow


IMG_4283 Tuesday’s fog





IMG_3337 Thursday’s blue sky



Friday’s clouds

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Spring Break, part 2

IMG_3318 A pretty fun view for me as I worked on the laptop



My kids LOVE Pepper! And she LOVES their stuffed animals! She’s always trying to sneak into their rooms & carry out their loveys! She particularly likes Heidi & Audrey’s fox – maybe it’s a ‘dog’ thing! Maybe she thinks she’s rescuing her family members!


IMG_3320 We went for a walk in the evening & Audrey came along – even though she was already ready for bed!


This is the ‘guard’ llama, but he was hiding behind the two cows as if to say, “I’m gonna come over there & fight you….but first I’m going to let these two deal with you”

IMG_3325 There was a second horse in the pen this time around. His name is Winchester. He doesn’t like carrots, but he’s happy to eat the dried grass!


Micah got up early one morning to enjoy the prairie sunrise!

IMG_3331 Then he & his dad had a long discussion in the yard – I couldn’t resist snapping a picture!



Time to help Nene get her seeds started!


IMG_3334 She had lots of help!



I came upon this scene. Pepper is not allowed on the couches, but Audrey had invited her up & when I tried to tell her that she needed to get down, she just rumbled at me! I decided I wasn’t her “mom”, so I just let her be!

IMG_4320 Meanwhile Micah was visiting his old middle school & getting our car stuck in the mud (he was taking a backroad home & wasn’t aware how much flooding had happened recently. He didn’t see the mud until he was already in it!) His dad had to come pull him out!

Actually, that was an adventure, because after the guys had gotten home & cleaned the mud off our car, Phil realized that he only had one of his hearing aids. He was afraid that it fell out when he stuck his head under our car to hook on the chain, so the guys went back to the spot where the car got stuck & looked all around while Neva & I looked over the grass around the house where they cleaned off our car. No luck in spite of the fact that we had everyone praying. The next morning was a cold morning & Phil felt like it would be worth going back out to the spot while the ground was frozen & the light was different, so he & Micah headed back out there. They looked around & around and suddenly, as Micah said, “I saw grass & more grass and in the middle of all the grass, the brand name of the hearing aids!! (because the hearing aids are a light brown – the exact color of the dead grass) It was such an answer to our prayers! And a wonderful way to end our time with Micah’s parents. We packed up & headed out by noon on Friday.



A pretty little valley

IMG_3352 The Falls in Great Falls, MT

We only drove to Great Falls that first night, so that the kids could have plenty of time to swim in the pool, which they loved! We headed out by 8:30 in the morning the next day for our 750 mile day…


The scenery in Montana was stunning!!!

IMG_3366 We stopped at Cracker Barrel in Coeur d’Alene for a late lunch


Sunset in the Gorge was beautiful! It was good to be back in Oregon after so many hours of driving!

This last day was a LOOONNNGGG day! 14 hours of traveling! We left Great Falls at 8:30 in the morning & didn’t get home until 9:30 at night (+ 1 hour when we changed time zones)! We didn’t even stop that much & our kids did amazing! They were such troopers! Thank goodness for audio books & Adventures in Odyssey!!

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Spring Break, part 1

This year for Spring Break we decided to go visit Micah’s parents in Saskatchewan! For all of our married life we’ve always had to fly to visit Micah’s parents, so to be able to drive (albeit a LOT of driving) was a novel concept! And not to brag, but our kids are phenomenal travelers! I also came up with a couple brilliant tricks!

  1. Maps – I printed off maps (courtesy of Google maps) of the areas we would be traveling & with a highlighter I colored in our route. I then put these on clipboards & gave each kid a marker. We taught them about the green signs that gave mileage & helped them “look out” for the next town. It certainly cut down on the “Are we there yet?” question, because they could see for themselves just how much farther we had to go!
  2. Candy – I bought two boxes of the ‘movie theatre’ candy (it’s $1 at Fred Meyer or the dollar store). If the kids forgot & asked the dreaded question of “Are we there yet?” or “How much further?” both Mom & Dad got to help themselves to a piece or two of candy! That certainly nipped that question in the bud!

IMG_3272 Flat Stanley came along with us – I wanted to save on stamps since all Audrey wanted to do was send him to Nene & Da! Our first stop was Chick-fil-A for dinner (random side note, when I put in our route into Google Maps for Coeur d’Alene for the first night, it said 7 hours. When I added a stop at Chick-Fil-A, it somehow saved us 10 minutes – we knew it was a sign!)


The next morning started bright & early, but ginormous pecan rolls certainly helped make it a little easier!

IMG_3282 A beautiful drive through the northern part of Idaho!


The Rockies in the distance!


We stopped for lunch in Lethbridge! Audrey taught us how to play “Trash”! The interesting thing to Micah & I was that the only other place we’ve seen this game played was when we were doing ministry with the youth in prison!


The Piggyback Poutinerie served all sorts of differnt kinds of Poutine! Ezra was in his happy place! In fact he said, “The only thing better would be if I was eating this meal at Sea World”!

We arrived at Nene & Da’s around 8:30 on Saturday night, which meant we all were able to get up & go to church with them the next morning! It was fun to see where they go to church & meet some of their friends. We also had to stop & get Tim Horton’s, because what trip to Canada is complete without Timmy Ho’s!

IMG_3297 On Monday morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow! Ezra’s prayers were answered!!!

IMG_3304Our two red-haired girls playing out in the snow!


IMG_3306 Ezra & Daddy playing “Wild Animal Kingdom” – similar to Monopoly, but instead of buying property & building hotels, you buy preserves & build preservation programs! Micah played this game as a kid & the tradition continues!



Audrey & Nene did crafts!


IMG_3311 Daddy & Ezra moved onto Risk!



And Nene & Audrey moved onto making a rag doll!


We had lots of relaxing down time with plenty of games, reading, & yummy meals!! There are more pictures to come…

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Part of my job this year has been helping out with the school auction. I’m thankful that it wasn’t up to me to plan the whole thing, but it certainly was fun to help! It was held at the Convention Center downtown, which was really nice as they do all the set up of tables, linens, silverware, etc. We just had to come in & add our decorations!

 IMG_3258 The theme this year was “A Night in Old Hollywood”!


This is like a little slice of heaven to me!!!

They do something called a Dessert Dash for dessert. Each table donates toward their dessert & the table with the most donated gets to ‘dash’ to the dessert table first & take their pick of one of the cakes (or one of the cheesecakes or a plate of bars). A few seconds later the table that donated the second highest amount gets to go. It’s pretty fun as there are lots of people dashing around trying to get to their top choice of dessert. All these desserts came from Lovin’ Oven (which is the supplier for Konditorei) & they all looked amazing!!!

It was a fun evening & it seemed like people had a great time!

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