Micah’s mom met us in Great Falls, MT & took us back over the border into Canada (US rental cars do NOT want you taking their rental cars into another country & leaving them there, so a one-way rental was not an option). Our 5 days in Pambrun were a great way to end our time as we didn’t have any appointments and were able to just rest & relax after a busy summer & before jumping back into our work at BFA.


We usually took a walk each day & enjoyed the big skies!


Playing with Da’s Viewfinder!


Introducing our kids to Chinese checkers


Giving Pepper snuggles


Playing disc golf on Millar’s campus


Helping Da with the water for their landlord’s alpacas


Holding Sunny!


Belle was so LITTLE!! And SO soft & fluffy!


Giving Oakley something to eat


I had some time to work on the upcoming MS play (The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe). This script does not have which side of the stage the actors enter or exit, so I had to decide that for myself. I used some ‘friends’ to help me make sure I had everyone where they needed to be!


Bible Pictionary…which we quickly discovered was only loosely related to the Bible! For instance, the word “eyelid”…I suppose somewhere in the Bible the word “eyelid” is mentioned!


Da showing Audrey how to play the cello


We love Nene, Da, & Pepper!


Such a fun time together as a family!

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Fun comparisons


Audrey & the penguins in 2022


Audrey & the penguins in 2019


Ezra “feeding” the “baby bird” this summer


Feeding the same “baby bird” 4 summers ago!

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Oregon, part 4


Visiting the Portland Zoo!


It’s always a fun time with cousins!

My Dad heard how much Audrey loves horses & found someone that was willing for Audrey to come ride!


Audrey on Ace! He wasn’t super excited about doing much for Audrey since she didn’t have spurs on!


Still a happy girl! All it takes is a horse!


Audrey REALLY wanted to get her hair cut at Little Angel’s Hair Salon, but we missed her appointment while we were in quarantine…so we just had to find a salon with an opening!


The end result! With hair to donate!


Audrey with friends at the park!


Ezra & Aunt Vicki at Bricks & Minifigs


A beautiful sunset on our last night in Oregon

We had reserved a rental car with the same company we had used in Maryland. Due to some ‘less than stellar’ dealings with them, Micah decided to stop in at the Salem Airport a few days before our departure & just make sure they would have a car for us. Meanwhile, as we packed & gathered everything that we needed to take with us to Canada, it soon became very clear that we were going to be TIGHT in our rental car! Like, suitcases under our feet tight!

When Micah went to the desk on the morning of our reservation, the man recognized him and ended up hearing about our interactions with his company. He agreed that we had not had the best experience & as an apology upgraded us to an SUV for free!


The “answer” to our prayers that we didn’t even know to pray for!


Even with a huge trunk, it was still packed tight! But we had room to spread out around in the front, which made for a much more comfortable 12 1/2 hour trip!

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Oregon, part 3

Our 5 days of quarantine finally came to an end & we were able to get out (with masks)!


Riding the carousel in Salem!

We had planned an overnight trip to the beach & were excited to be able to keep our plans!


First stop…lunch at the Otis Cafe!!!


There were loud “oohhs!” & “aahhhs!” as we walked into our room…and then the kids jumped onto their screens!


The view from our room was gorgeous!! And we got an amazing ‘whale’ show of spouts & backs!


A pretty, but very windy walk on the beach!


A beautiful sunset!!


Stopping at our favorite coffee place on the coast!

*Audrey did not get real glasses, just ‘costume’ ones! She’s always wanted glasses & was excited to find a pair at Claires!


It was a sunny day when we arrived at the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area


The tide pools were so much fun to explore!


By the time we finished with the tide pools, a bank of fog had rolled in!


No trip to the beach is complete without a trip to 101 Burger!! Yummy!!


Watching the glass blowing!

On the way home, we stopped off at a farm & my kids got to snuggle kittens!


This boy loves animals!


Another snuggly kitten!

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Covid was certainly not part of our plans, but God had another idea!

Wednesday morning I was chatting with a friend while having the occasional cough with my voice just sounding sort-of ‘sick’ and she asked if I had taken a Covid test recently. I had taken two of them about a week and a half before when my throat felt like it had glass in it, but this was just a mild sore throat, so surely not….

I’ve take my fair share of covid tests (three times a week for the end of the ’20-’21 school year) and seen my kids take their fair share of tests and never in all that time seen a positive. My test took about 30 seconds to register as positive! I thought, “Hmmm…I’m not sure I believe these American tests” and pulled out the last of the German tests we had brought with us. It, too, took about 30 seconds to turn positive.

Ezra was coughing a bit so I had him test & he was positive. Then it just seemed like the right thing to do to finish off testing the family. Audrey wanted to wait the full 15 minutes before looking at her results, but she also was positive. Micah was out for an early morning appointment & I texted, “Call me!” He called & I gave him the news. He decided to make a quick stop at the library & the grocery store to stock up on necessities. To my frustration, he tested negative. Of course, that’s great for him (& for us since he could go get stuff), but maddening that the rest of us had to quarantine.

Thankfully (that sounds terrible to say!), my parents were also sick (probably with the same thing…) so we didn’t have to stay in our rooms. And my parents live on a couple of acres, so we were able to get outside. I was really the only one with symptoms and if I didn’t know better I would have thought I had allergies or a mild summer cold.


Lots of time spent online canceling meetings & meals with friends, figuring out what we could do with the remaining days after quarantine, and contacting people with the new plan!

But it wasn’t all bad…especially since we weren’t feeling horrible. We got some extra time with my parents that we hadn’t been expecting and some unplanned down time.


Micah taught Ezra how to hit a golf ball


Both kids spent time riding my bike


There is a 1/4-mile gravel farm ‘road’ beside my parents house that we could ride on or go for a walk on without ever running into anyone else.


Who needs a basket in order to play disc golf when a tree will suffice?


That moment when you are playing a game and you suddenly realize that the “game station” in First Grade was ACTUALLY a “math station”!!


Every day of quarantine Audrey rode the bike down the gravel road & added a rock to her Cairn. 5 days of quarantine = 5 rocks

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