Summer Road Trip, Day 15


Our kids had their first experience of having breakfast in “The Great Outdoors” next to our little cabin!


The pinecones (fir cones?? Redwood cones?? What do you call them if they don’t come from a pine tree??) were HUGE!!! Audrey had tons of fun collecting them! Thank goodness, we were in a National Park so the collection couldn’t come home with us!


That was one big tree!


View of Kings Canyon National Park


Standing inside the base of a Redwood tree!


Standing next to the General Grant Tree! It was SO big!


It was hard to see & comprehend just how big this tree was! It’s 267 feet tall! (For a point of reference, the statue of liberty from base to torch is 151 feet)

After visiting the General Grant tree, we headed back to the western part of California to…


The Golden Gate Bridge!!!


First time visit for all of us!!


Crossing the bridge!

Micah has a cousin who lives in San Francisco so we met up with her & her boyfriend for dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant! After dinner we walked down to Ocean Beach!


Their dog joined us for our walk on the beach! The kids enjoyed getting to know Odin!


Such a fun evening together!


That night we stayed in a Tiny House south of San Francisco! It was really fun!!! The kids were super excited to sleep in the loft!

(photo taken from their website as I forgot to take any pictures)

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Summer Road Trip, Day 14

After meeting up for coffee with friends from Spain, we headed inland for Sequoia National Park! It was a bit of a drive, but the views when we got there were amazing!


Moro Rock


Such TALL trees!


Looking down from the top of Moro Rock! That’s right, we climbed up that HUGE rock!!


Oh, yeah… there were stairs. And it was only about a 10-minute climb from the parking lot!


The view from the top was spectacular!

(I found it funny, because there were all these in shape 20-somethings with their Camelbacks at the top & we were there with our kids! Micah pointed out that they probably had hiked a lot longer before climbing to the top, but still…)


Beautiful sunset!


A drive-through tree!

That night we stayed in the National Park at the Grant Grove Cabins. Our kids had never camped before so it was a new experience having no electricity and having to go to a bath house to use the bathroom! Ezra had a reality check the next morning when he discovered we were staying in wifi-free lodging!

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Summer Road Trip, Day 13

We started our trip home with a big surprise (thanks to my parents)!


Another day at Disney! This time at California Adventure!!!


We started our day in Cars Land


We saw Mater &  Lightning McQeen and got to meet Red!


I could NOT get over how much it felt like we had just walked into Radiator Springs!!


Next we got to visit Arendelle!


We met Elsa & Anna!!


We got to see the new Frozen Live at The Hyperion – it was essentially the whole movie on stage! It was very well done!


We gave warm hugs to Olaf


Looking SO cool in our glasses while waiting to ride the Toy Story Midway Mania


“Stick ’em up”!


Playing around in “A Bugs Land”


Ezra showing off his new hole! He lost a tooth during the Little Mermaid ride!!!


“Radiator Springs” looked amazing at night!

We had a great time at California Adventure & got to do everything we wanted to do & even a couple things twice!

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Summer Road Trip, Day 11 & 12

We had a couple fairly quiet days, which were much needed after all the fun adventures we’d been having!


We had to say good-bye to Nene & Da as they made their way back home. It was a sad morning with plenty of tears!  It makes me thankful that we all love our family so much! We’re already looking forward to our next visit together!



The next day we got to have lunch with friends from BFA! It had been quite a while since we’d seen them!  Their girls, who were quite young when we saw them last, are all grown up now! It was fun to catch up!



We also spent quite a bit of time at the pool next to our apartment! Audrey wasn’t tall enough to go down the slide & Ezra wasn’t too keen on the idea, so we spent most of our time in the pool or at the splash pad or in the hot tub! (photo taken from the resort website)






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Summer Road Trip, Day 10

Day 10 we saw our third & final sight in San Diego: The Safari Park! I really enjoyed it possibly because the weather was cooler, but also because it was smaller, which made it much more manageable with young kids!


Napping Tiger Cubs


We finally saw a California Condor!  Ezra had been hoping to see one in the wild & the ones at the zoo were hiding, so he was excited to finally spot one!


Fennec Fox – Audrey often pretends to be a baby fennec fox! It seems appropriate given that they are both adorable!


Getting a ride from Daddy (we brought the umbrella stroller along, but sometimes Ezra decided that he was done walking & took over. Honestly, I think if any of us adults could have fit, we would have been tempted!)


Cute little baby bird! It’s mom was white & black, so it was interesting to see such colorful feathers on this little guy!


On the 25-minute tram ride through the large enclosures


Animals in the ‘wild’


A baby Rino! So cute!


We got to see a Bird Show, which was really fun!


Feeding the Lorikeets!

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Summer Road Trip, Day 9

Our second day of San Diego attractions was to SeaWorld!


Audrey petting little sharks in the touch pool


My son seeing Orcas in person for the first time in his life!


Despite the sweat rolling down his face, Ezra is in his happy place at the dolphin show!


Feeding the sea lions


We got to pet Manta rays in a touch pool! They felt very squishy!


Inside the shark tunnel


Hello, walrus!


This was definitely the highlight of the day for me: getting to pet a dolphin as it swam by! SO AMAZING!!!!

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Summer Road Trip, Day 8

Day 8 of our trip began our tour of the San Diego attractions! We started with the San Diego Zoo!


Apparently, baby flamingos don’t start out pink!


Having a snack right next to the Tiger


An 18-month old panda!


Momma giraffe giving her baby a little nuzzle!


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