Sunset over 3 countries

One of our favorite places to go is Hochblauen (literally translated “High Blue”. At the top of the mountain is a stairwell with a platform at the top and you can see 3 countries: Germany, France, & Switzerland! It’s pretty fantastic! We definitely wanted to share this with our kids…however, we’d forgotten that the stairs & the platform are not solid…as in they are made of metal, but you can see through them. Audrey lasted about 3 seconds at the top & Ezra about 30 seconds! Oh, well! The view is still beautiful from the ground!


Sunset over France


Looking towards Switzerland…it doesn’t show up well in the picture, but you could see the Alps!


Germany! Our new home!

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A Rainy Saturday walk


Doesn’t everyone love a walk in the rain?


We found a cute snail…if snails can be cute?


Beautiful flowers


Ezra really wanted me to take a picture of the slug…as if we didn’t see enough of them in Oregon!

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A little of this, a little of that…

Life has certainly not been dull! I have a ton of photos from over the past month that don’t really warrant their own blog post, so here you go!


These Highland Cows showed up along the path I take on my daily walk! I love seeing them!


And the goats too!!


Ezra got a stuffed snake from ikea! He was pretty excited when he found out it’s actually a puppet!




An amazing sunset…no filter!!


I saw a tractor on my walk through a village. It made me think of my brother!


We finally got to our favorite restaurant, Funf Schilling! Fresh pressed apple juice, salad, and pumpkin soup!!! Yummy!!


Hello, cows!! Again from my morning walk!

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Audrey’s First Day of School


First day of 3rd Grade!


Audrey with her Schultute – German children get these on their 1st day of 1st grade! I figured it worked since this was her first day of school in Germany!


First Day at CSK (Christliche Schule Kandern/Christian School Kandern) – a Christian German bilingual school!


I had to take this picture, because while this wonderful lady is not Audrey’s teacher, she was the principal at the elementary school when I first started working! She was a joy to work for & I always hoped my kids would get to have her as their first grade teachers. God had other plans, but it’s so wonderful that Audrey gets to be in the same building as her! She has been so sweet to help make Audrey feel less nervous about starting at a new school…in a new language!

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Ezra’s First Day of School

It’s certainly a strange year in so many, many ways! On top of the Covid regulations, this is the first time that I’ve had my kids in two different schools and on two very different schedules! Today was Ezra’s first day of school, but Audrey’s first day of school is still a week & a half away!

 47BF933E-7D1D-40AE-855C-152F9839F407 First Day of Sixth Grade


In Germany, children are given Schultüte filled with treats & goodies on their first day of school (1st grade). Since today was Ezra’s first day of school in Germany, I figured he should also have a Schultüte!


First Day at BFA! So thankful for those who will love & care for Ezra during this school year!

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