Mother’s Day Morning

This was my 6th year celebrating Mother’s Day (7th if you count the year I was VERY pregnant with Ezra)! Micah & the kids did a great job making me feel loved first thing in the morning!



The kids insisted that I MUST have breakfast in bed (heart shaped pancakes, no less!)


Cheery sunflowers to keep me company (since everyone else had to eat breakfast too & there is no way we would let them eat pancakes in our bed!)


The kids & Micah made a little scavenger hunt with cards (the kids made one card for each year I’ve been their mom!)


I just followed the string & found lots of fun cards to read! 


Micah MADE me this vase holder! I love it! It’s so cute & even more special because of all the thought & hard work he put into it! 


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Building birdhouses

I discovered that the Home Depot does a free kids workshop on the first Saturday of  the month (And what do you know, it worked! We bought a couple things we needed while we were there. Smart, Home Depot, very smart!) This month’s activity was “Angry Bird” Birdhouses. My kids had tons of fun helping pound in the nails that we started for them & then painting it. Ezra added angry bird stickers to his when he got home.



The kids were given work aprons to wear while they worked & then they got to take them home! Super cute!


The kids needed quite a bit of help from mom & dad (thank goodness for super clear directions with pictures!)


I’m pretty sure that the painting was the best part! 


The finished products were pretty cute! Now to find a place to hang them…

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Ezra’s class was in charge of one of the chapels recently and so they put on a short play of Moses. It was super cute & very clever! Lots of fun little jokes! Ezra got to play Moses and did a great job (even when he kept checking to make sure that we were still watching)!






The whole class singing “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” in front of the nile river all turned to blood!

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Phone photos, Vol. 8


Audrey made a tea party for us!


Mother – Daughter Tea


Doesn’t everyone take a bath with a snorkel & swim fins??


Pie from my dad on 3.14!


Audrey’s stuffed dog had to have ‘surgery’ – she was enamored with the ‘bandages’ her dog had on afterwards!


Riding the carousel with our cousins


Audrey helping me prepare for a ladies tea


Mommy son date! Taking advantage of Baskin Robbins’ special $1.31 deal!


Ezra wanted to take a picture of the Osprey nest at the park. He was frustrated that they wouldn’t answer him when he made bird calls up to them!


Pretty girl having fun with her easter basket!


The final product! I hosted a table at the ladies tea at our church!


Testing out daddy’s hammock!


A fun flower that showed up in our yard! It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss flower!

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The Beach through Audrey’s eyes

Every now & then Audrey gets her hands on the camera & we end up with a plethora of pictures all from a much shorter perspective. Her camera skills are coming along & it is rather interesting to see what she notices and chooses to capture. For the sake of space & time I’m not posting the 43 pictures that she took in less than 10 minutes! Here is just a small spattering!



To be fair, this photo wasn’t one of the 43 taken in 10 minutes, but another time she grabbed the camera earlier in the day!


Hi Daddy!


A nice view of the beach


Hello Seagull!


She asked me to hold the stickers so she could take a picture of them!


This is everyone watching for whales while being dwarfed by the world’s largest cup of coffee (or so it appears!)


The sign & a random couple who were also there. This wasn’t the only picture she took of them – there is another one that is just them sitting nicely at the table!!


And one of the camera lens to finish off her set!



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For one child we’ve moved into the “Let’s annoy mom by keeping my eyes closed OR by looking like I’m being tortured having to stand & have a picture taken”. The other one still enjoys pictures as you can tell by that gigantic grin! She was also super excited about her pretty easter dress!


Easter egg hunt after church!


Baba brought eggs too & hid them inside the house!


Sometimes a little guidance is needed!


Checking to see what is inside the eggs!


Looking at a picture of Baba when she was a girl! 

It was fun to have Grandpa & Baba with us for Easter dinner! 

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Spring Break, other fun times


This was actually the day before Spring Break started, but I HAD already picked up Audrey from school, so HER break had started! It was such a gorgeous day & while the mountain looks small in this picture, it seemed much larger in real life! I’m still adjusting to large mountains on the horizon! 


The first morning of break…using binoculars to watch the animals in the neighborhood! (from the comfort of the living room while in PJs!)


Also on the first day of break, we went to the RV Paloooza! It sounds random, I know, but my kids have a funny fascination with RVs, even though at this point in time, they had never been in one! I decided to change that! It was perfect, because there was lots of space to run & they got to explore a number of RVs! I was shocked by how roomy some of them are! 


Fun with cousins!


We had a friend babysit the kids one morning so we could have a breakfast date at an amazing restaurant called, Word of Mouth! It’s a long wait (but SO worth it) so we made use of the time & walked around the capitol grounds. 

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