Beach weekend

Our friends generously gifted us a weekend at their lake house, which is just 10 minutes from the beach, so we got away at the end of October for a nice family weekend!


IMG_0559 We saw the most amazing rainbow on our way out of town – it was a double rainbow, but one of the rainbows had a reflection of itself, so it was more like a triple rainbow! It was incredible!



The beautiful view from the living room window the next morning!

We got a fairly early start as we had a ‘date’ with the Depoe Baykery just down the road!!! As we headed out we had to make an unexpected stop…


IMG_0566 Well, hello deer!!

The donuts were amazing, but donuts mean you need coffee, which means you have to stop at the Pirate Coffee Company! I saw this funny mug that summarizes our family quite well…




IMG_0573 The water was nearing high tide (or just finished with it) & the waves were roiling! It was beautiful!



For the kids, no trip to the coast is complete without a stop at the Hatfield Marine Science Center! The octopus was so cool – she was being super active!


IMG_5328 Playing the fishing game!



Aaahhh! A shark ate Ezra!

We did a quick shopping trip at the outlets & then spent the afternoon just relaxing at the lake house. We got down to the beach just in time for sunset!

IMG_5345 Me & my boy who is quickly reaching my height!



Nothing is more beautiful than sunset on the Oregon Coast!


It was a wonderful time away…super relaxing & just what we needed!


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A fun weekend

The weekend following my birthday ended up being full of fun things!!

First, Audrey got to go back to E.Z. Orchards on a field trip (neither Micah or I could go because of work…so sad! Thanks to a mom who went on the trip I ended up with cute pictures!)

 IMG_4321 Picking an apple!



Tractor ride!


IMG_4325 The perfect pumpkin


The next day my cousin came down with her boys & everyone had a great time hanging out! We were so busy having fun that I only got this one picture!


Nothing better than reading on a rainy fall day!

That night my parents took us out to Sybaris for a delicious meal (& apple cake for dessert that is TO.DIE.FOR!!! And that’s saying a lot coming from this chocolate-loving girl!)



Happy Birthday to me!! 29…again! 😉


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Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

One of the things I wanted to do for my birthday (which was a month ago – I’m just behind!) was go as a family to the Pumpkin Patch, so on the Monday before my birthday we headed to E.Z. Orchards!

 IMG_0490 Obligatory picture!



That is one happy scarecrow!


IMG_0491 One tough cowboy!!



Breaking out of Jail!


IMG_0497 Ride ’em Cowboy!



They are getting so big!!!


IMG_0502 Riding the tractor!



Cute kids with their pumpkin!



Contemplating life while sitting on his tractor!


It was a fun evening along with yummy apple cider donuts!! So thankful for a beautiful fall!!

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Spirit Week

The first week of October was Spirit Week at our school! Each of the schools (elementary, Junior High, & High School) had different ‘theme days’, so there was lots of fun costumes! I didn’t do a very good job at recording all my kids costumes this year – I only got one picture of one of my kids:

 IMG_0439 A “Jaguar” for Jungle day!



What? Haven’t you seen a Jaguar “dabbing” before?? (This was ALL her idea!!)

On Friday, the grades all took turn running in our fund raiser, Race for Education. The weather was a bit dicey, but all the grades made it though EXCEPT the 2nd & 3rd graders! They got about 5 laps in & the heavens opened & it downpoured!!! They got herded into the bleachers to enjoy their cookie & juice & then made a dash back to school!


59191347242__7CA342EC-C62C-41FE-ACE8-18DB5A710F80 Lots of “racing” going on here!!



Still having a great time in spite of the rain!!


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“Hiking” trip

My mom & Micah had been planning to do a 20-mile section of the PCT at the end of September. The plans were in place & then the weather decided NOT to cooperate! Suddenly, it was calling for freezing temperatures & snow where they were planning to hike! They decided to postpone the hike for next summer, but we went ahead & went up & used the cabin anyways. I had about 24 hours notice, but we managed to pull it all together & it was a lovely, relaxing weekend in the midsts of a busy time of year!

 IMG_0400 The sunset on the drive over was just gorgeous! And not a flake of snow in sight!


However, we woke up to this!!!


IMG_0402 What can beat reading in bed with a fire nearby??


Lots of reading!


IMG_0406 Audrey went out & played in the snow!


Micah decided to read outside!!


IMG_0410 Eating snow!



Watching cartoons in mom & dad’s bed later in the morning!


IMG_0416 In the afternoon, we went for a walk down to the boat dock in the snow


By the end of the walk, the clouds had parted & the sun was out! (The weather went back & forth between sun & snow all day! I felt bad for the two weddings that were happening!)


IMG_0422 My mom & I did a really challenging puzzle!



Playing a game of Squint!

We enjoyed dinner at the lodge both nights as well as breakfast on Sunday – it was delicious! I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy eating the delicious food!! It was a fairly quick trip, but it was a nice treat to get away & leave ‘work/chores’ behind for the weekend!

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Oktoberfest 2019

IMG_0313 Riding the pony! Someone is starting to get tall!!!



Fun times on the slide!


IMG_0484 Superman!!




IMG_0324 Hay maze



They did manage to find their way out!


IMG_0486 The cutest baby pig!!


Audrey loves her corndogs!



In his happy place with his poutine!!


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First Cross Country Meet

In the summer, Ezra’s friend’s mom texted me & asked if Ezra was going to be doing cross country as her son was planning to run and would love for Ezra to join as well. We talked about it & explained what would be involved in a commitment to Cross country & Ezra decided to join the middle school cross country team! He’s done quite well! Although, he’s certainly not the fastest, he’s never complained about practice even when it was super hot!

On the 10th, he had his first meet. It was in Amity in a vineyard! It didn’t seem super structured or well-organized & several kids took a wrong path. Ezra was probably the last across the line (he insisted there was another kid behind him, but this kid hadn’t crossed the finish line by the time we left 5 minutes later, so either Ezra was the last or this other kid was lost in the vines!) The weather was pretty sketchy & there was even some thunder booms while the kids were running!


He looks so big!! I can’t believe he’s old enough for middle school sports!


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