Thanks, Siri…

I was in the middle of a task, but was wondering what day of the week a day in July was, so I “asked Siri” to show me a calendar of July.


Siri showed me my calendar & offered her opinion as well! Um, thanks, I think!


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Upwards Basketball

Both our kids participated in Upwards Basketball this year! Practice began in December & games started in January (As a kindergartener, Audrey stopped having practices once her games started). Audrey had games every Saturday at 9 AM!! Ezra’s games were usually at 2, which made for a very full day! It was fun to see how much progress our kids made! And as a side note, we’re happy to have our Saturdays back!

 IMG_1715 The games start with every kid being announced & running around the gym for ‘high fives’!


The teams gather at center court for prayer before the games begin!


IMG_1632 One coach from each team stays on the court to help the Kindergarteners!


Audrey dribbling the ball!


IMG_1724 Audrey always seemed a little distracted while waiting for her turn to go in!


After the game was the “star ceremony” where the coaches focused on one area in which each player had done well (offense, defense, coach-ability, etc.)

IMG_1674 And then the best part…snack! This game our cousins came to watch Audrey play! Super fun!!


Ezra played with 3rd & 4th graders

IMG_8181 He made some good progress in his skills this year & even got a basket in his last game!


It was fun because Daddy & a teacher-friend from school coached Ezra’s team! He really enjoyed that!

IMG_5322 Audrey always had to bring stuff to do during Ezra’s game…or hope that Mom had some paper in her purse


Two cute basketball players!


Tough guys! Don’t mess with them!!

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Random photos

The past couple months have been ‘business as usual’, so not a lot of major events to post about. Here are just some fun photos of life:

 IMG_5308 We were talking about Banana Splits one day & the kids were saying that they had never had them! We had to rectify that situation that night!



IMG_1642 It’s Santa Claus!



Learning how to sew!


IMG_1644 The finished product


And then Audrey & I got Influenza…so miserable! My sweet Ezra boy made me this breakfast!


IMG_1651 Audrey can’t be near someone & not be touching them! Here’s she draped across Ezra!


And the best dad award goes to…Micah! Helping Ezra build a robot with “Chinglish” (Chinese English) directions!

IMG_5312 Our bird feeder is quite popular this year!


Audrey was a super scientist (I brought a simple science experiment into her class & she got to be the one to pour the ingredients)


We had a birthday party for Uncle Jon!


I was in charge of dessert, so we did a ‘make your own cupcake’ bar!

IMG_1681 The kids really enjoyed it!


We got another Gilbert House membership!


IMG_1693 Audrey is milking a cow!


We really like playing at Gilbert House!



We went to Oregon’s 159th Birthday celebration at the capitol! Audrey got her pictures taken with the “Gold Man”


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First Pet

For Christmas, Ezra got a fish tank! And after we got back from the coast, we went to the pet store & picked out all the accessories for the tank, got the tank set up, & then went & picked up his fish! He was very excited!

IMG_5310 The tank itself is actually fairly nice looking & Ezra did a great job picking out the things that go inside the tank


He picked out 2 neon tetra & 1 black tetra. Their names are Neon, Nettle, & Blackie!

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New Years at the Coast

My family has a long-standing tradition of spending New Years at the Coast in the same funny little motel apartment with the most amazing view out of the windows! (The only exception to this tradition is if the Oregon State Beavers go to a bowl game, in which case, my parents will be at said bowl game.) The itinerary is pretty much the same: Guys watch football, my mom does a puzzle, & I read; Everyone eats junk food! We had to find some things to occupy the kids, but overall still a relaxing time!

 IMG_1585 Watching a movie


Enjoying the beach with the cousins


Digging in sand is always so much fun!


Running near the surf with Daddy

IMG_5302 Our “Home away from home”!


A beautiful sunset!


IMG_1586 Headed down to the beach the next day – wanting to keep the pants somewhat dry!



Strong Girl!!


IMG_1589 “Our beach” has done a strange thing since last year: this little “river” has always run from the embankment straight out to the ocean, but at some point it changed direction & now runs parallel to the water for a ways before heading out to sea!



Pretty rock!


IMG_1592 My kids can’t avoid the water – it’s like a magnet!



On the 31st, we joined our friends at their lake house nearby for a fun ‘Christmas’ Party – the sunset over the lake was incredible!


IMG_1600 The kids celebrated the new year at about 7:30!



Ezra’s first 300-piece puzzle! (He had some help!)


IMG_1604 The view from our apartment



The very important junk food corner!!



I went for a walk on our last evening & saw this cool ‘squiggle’ drawn in the sand. Then I noticed that the shell at the end of it was still moving!


We had a wonderful time & all too soon it was time to leave & head back to normal life. It’s always sad to go, but we’re already looking forward to next year (unless, of course, the Beavers make it to the Rose Bowl!)

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Ezra at the Capitol

One of the teachers/parents had a really good camera at the capitol & got some really cute photos of Ezra. I had to share them, because they make me smile!

 DSC_3894 Waiting to sing


Singing his solo


Love that smile!!

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When I was growing up my Grandma always had a fabric chicken that went on her bread basket! Half the fun of eating Grandma’s delicious rolls was reaching under the wing of the chicken to pull out a roll! I was reminiscing about this memory earlier this year & decided to see if I could find something similar for my own table. I found them on Etsy, but they were much more than I was willing to pay. Thanks to my mother-in-law, who is a genius at sewing, we were able to make these together this past summer! The gray one is mine & the other two are my brothers who also got to experience Grandma’s Chicken bread basket!

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