Thanksgiving Break

Our Thanksgiving Break was a little different this year… The change started back in August when Micah was asked to help chaperone the history trip to Europe for 10 days starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving. So, when we woke up at the start of our break, Micah was gone to Europe!

 IMG_1393 Audrey climbed into bed Saturday morning to have a little cry-fest! Afterwards, I got a sweet smile!

That afternoon, we got invited to open swim in Stayton with friends. The kids had a great time!


Afterwards, we stopped by the cemetery to see my grandparents’ headstones. When I was a kid, we always went with my grandma to look at my grandpa’s headstone.


Sunday, was a low-key, stay-at-home day! We enjoyed just being still!

IMG_1399 Monday, we went to Super Bounce!!!


The kids enjoyed getting all their wiggles out!


IMG_1409 After lunch at McDonald’s the kids got to watch cartoons! Audrey had tried on snow clothes for our trip to Mt. Hood & just decided to leave them on!!!


Sweet sleeping face! I let the kids camp out in my room to help make the nights easier!


And that is where the fun ended! Tuesday morning, Audrey had a stomach ache which got worse as the day went on & pretty soon had a fever. We had plans to go away on Wednesday & I was beginning to plan out what Thanksgiving at home might look like: 7-up, saltines, & sweet potatoes!

Wednesday morning, I took the kids to the pediatrician & Audrey was confirmed to have strep throat! I went ahead & had them swab Ezra, but his test came back negative. We headed to the pharmacy & got antibiotics for her and finished packing as my mom graciously allowed us to still come on the family vacation!

IMG_1426 Ezra playing a game with Uncle Caleb!


Crafting! (Obviously, after she’d been on antibiotics for a full 24 hours!)


IMG_1429 Swimming in the hot tub


The neighbor kitty that came to visit us!


IMG_1432 Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Valiantly, cheering on Daddy’s Cowboys!


IMG_1436 A pretty rainbow outside our vacation rental


On Friday, we had a little ‘adventure’ & went to find Lost Lake (which we’d tried to visit two years prior when we stayed at the same house, but we’d been unsuccessful due to a tree across the road). We encountered a gate across the road right as we got to the entrance to Lost Lake. We decided to walk in & see the lake!


IMG_1439 We found it!! Lost Lake isn’t lost anymore!!! And yes, it was cold! Silly boy didn’t pack a coat!


Throwing snow into the lake!

On the way home from the lake, I got a call from the pediatrician that Ezra’s test had been sent away & that after further testing, he did in fact have strep! So, my wonderful brother drove me into Hood River where I had a swab taken of my throat (thankfully, it came back negative) & then went to the pharmacy to pick up yet another bottle of antibiotics!

The break certainly didn’t go quite as we expected, but we are thankful for warm houses, doctors, pharmacies, antibiotics, family, & yummy food!


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Fall photos

Some random photos from the past couple months…

 IMG_1152 Our kindergartener on her first day of school!



Mommy & Audrey on her first day!


IMG_1155 Daddy & Audrey matched on the first day of school! (Look how tired she looks – adjusting back to school is rough on everyone!)



Santa Ezra!


IMG_1163 Audrey wanted me to come have lunch with her,so I came & ate with Audrey & her friend


At the “Back to School” Night, this paper was on Ezra’s desk. He tends not to have favorite things!


IMG_1219 Our little girl looking ‘not-so-little’ in her hand-me-down denim jacket! Looks super cute on her!


At our church’s One-day Women’s Event, they wanted a lady to read a children’s story that went along with the theme and wanted a child to come listen, so Audrey got to come for that part of the day! She was excited to get to come to a Women’s event, even if it was only for 20 minutes!


IMG_1328 Can you read it??? “GOSALUMUCATME” = “GO SALEM ACADEMY”


Audrey made a craft using the leftover popcorn kernels from the microwave bag! Mom wasn’t super enthused about her using buttery kernels on her craft. Needless to say, this craft didn’t stay around very long!


IMG_1335 The kids’ school doesn’t have Halloween Parties, so this was at Ezra’s Fall Party on the 30th! They were making pumpkin bars.


This was Audrey’s costume. She’s something girly…a fairy or a princess…or a fairy princess! Her brother had gotten himself grounded so he didn’t get to come to the Trunk or Treat, but Audrey & I had a good time!



Our sleeping princess!

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Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey!

Audrey originally wanted an “owl” birthday party, but I encouraged her to expand it to a “Woodland” party as it gave us more to work with! I think it  turned out cute! We had her birthday party the Saturday before her birthday, which happened to be the last day of Daylight Savings Time, which was perfect for a party with kids! We got to enjoy being together for a good length of time & then we turned the clocks back & got plenty of sleep!


Her cake, the ‘acorns’ we made, & the ‘mushroom’ cupcakes



Her ‘owl’ vegetable tray


IMG_5223 A ‘hedgehog’ cheeseball



We did a “Make your own Pizza” bar, which seemed like a great idea until the afternoon of the party when the reality of baking 19 individual pizzas hit me! It ended up working out well – we just had to bake them in shifts!


IMG_5229 The kids ate picnic-style!


Except for this cutie!!



So many people to sing for Audrey’s birthday! Such a loved little girl!!



In her new birthday dress from Grandpa & Baba with her Barbie from her Aunt & Uncle!!


IMG_1356 On her actual birthday in her classroom wearing her new outfit from her Aunt & Uncle!


Opening her birthday gift from Nene & Da that arrived a couple days after her birthday (which was perfect, because it gave her time to do some of the other craft projects she’d been given before starting in on the ones they gave her). She was thrilled with the pretty necklace & the doll they sent her! She’s also wearing another birthday outfit from Grandpa & Baba.

I can’t believe we have a 6-year old!!! She’s definitely growing up & along with that is coming lots of personality, some good, some that could be worked on, &, of course, some sassiness!

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Beautiful fall weather!

We had the most beautiful October!! There was very little rain & lots of sunshine! The colors were wonderful! One afternoon the kids & I headed to Bush Park to take a few pictures (& play on the park, of course!)


Bush House



Pretty pathway!


IMG_5182 The kids really wanted me to take pictures of the roses. This one is my favorite with Audrey in the background!


A couple weekends ago, we took the kids to Silver Falls State Park & walked out to the North Falls! The trees were beautiful!


Daddy & Audrey behind the waterfall



A puffin – I don’t really understand, but Ezra insisted that puffins live behind waterfalls.



A fun view from behind North Falls



My little cave-dweller!


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Happy Birthday, #3

My birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, so no sleeping in! However, my sweet not-so-little-anymore boy got up earlier than usual so he could make me breakfast! Actually, the night before he told me that he wanted to make me breakfast & asked what I liked on my toast. I told him that I liked Jam & he said, “How about Nutella?” to which I replied, “I usually eat Jam on my toast.” He said, “How about we try Nutella?” Can’t fault a boy for trying to give the birthday girl chocolate first thing in the morning!!


My birthday breakfast made by Ezra: “Combo Toast” with butter on one side & Nutella on the other and “Combo Cereal” with Honey Nut Cheerios & Honey Bunches of Oats! 


Since they had ‘secret’ plans for me after school, we opened gifts with breakfast! 


Their secret plans: a trip to Ikea! Meatballs for dinner, Daim cake for dessert (as you can see I’m once again celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday!), & a new duvet and duvet cover for our bed!!!  A fun evening for all of us!

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Happy Birthday, #2

On Friday my parents took Micah & I out for dinner to celebrate at their favorite restaurant, Sybaris, for my birthday! It’s fun going to Sybaris, because not only is the food amazing, but the waiter knows my parents really well from their visits & takes really good care of our party!


This was pistachio ice cream with caramel sauce & berries! So delicious!

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Happy Birthday, #1

Just over a week ago, we had the first of my birthday celebrations (We also celebrated my brother & his wife’s 7th anniversary since their anniversary is the day before my birthday)! It was Hawaiian-themed! There was tons of delicious food & we had a fun time with friends & family!

 IMG_1310 Aunt Vicki had a craft for the kids to do, but since it involved sand, they did the craft outdoors!


Some serious crafting going on!


IMG_1308 Audrey loves crafts, can you tell??



Selfie with one of my adorable nephews!!!

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