Family Movie Night

If we have a ‘normal’ weekend, we usually try to take one night to have “Dinner & a Movie” as a family. It has been so much fun for Micah & I to think back on our childhood & pick some of our favorite movies from when we were growing up. We have loved passing on the magic & wonder that comes with watching Disney movies! It’s been fun to see our kids take the stories & then expand on them in their play times!

One stipulation right now is that the ‘bag guy’ can’t be terribly scary, which is somewhat hard to find! One week we decided to show “Mary Poppins”, but I wasn’t sure how the kids would receive it given that it isn’t a cartoon!

Mesmerized by what was happening!

“Hmm…maybe this isn’t so bad!!”

Totally enthralled by Mary Poppins!

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Portugal, Days 3 & 4

Such an amazing view to start the day!!!

The grounds around the Pena National Palace in Sintra

The Palace!! It looks like Disneyland, but this was a real palace built in the 1800’s! (Actually, there was an old monastery here & the royals renovated that & then significantly added on!)

Having fun exploring

The AMAZING view!!!

Walking the outside walls!

The Moorish Castle in the distance

A beautiful courtyard (this was actually part of the original cloisters from the old monastery)

It looks like wood paneling from the 1970’s, but is really painted stone!!! 

One of the bedrooms – I couldn’t get over how tiny the chairs & beds were! They seemed smaller than any we’ve seen anywhere else in Europe. I guess Portugese people were just not that tall 200 years ago!

Another view of the palace

I LOVED this chandelier!!! It’s SO fun!!!

The main hall – not too shabby!!! 

From the palace we drove out to the western-most point on continental Europe: Cabo de Roca!

Nearly there – had to stop & take a picture of these gorgeous flowers!

A view of the point!

We made it!

H&M at the western-most point of mainland Europe!!

There is a lighthouse near the point, which makes for a stunning view when heading back inland!

Back in Cascais enjoying the views on our last evening in Portugal!

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Portugal, Days 1 & 2

One of the perks of being the director’s wife is getting to go along on the Administrator’s conferences! This year the conference was in Cascais, Portugal! Our hotel was right on the water overlooking the mouth of the Tejo River and the Atlantic Ocean! We rented a car to avoid putting all those kilometers on our aging car & to not have to worry about breakdowns, which ironically is what happened to our rental, but thankfully after we parked at the hotel! We called their roadside assistance & a man was out to repair it quite quickly – turned out the battery had not been properly attached & had  jiggled loose during our drive! It was a 6-hour drive from our house to the hotel, but we enjoyed the opportunity to have a complete conversation without interruption!

Micah’s attendance at the sessions was compulsory, but mine was optional, so I spent a lot of time on our balcony with a book enjoying the view! 

Such a stunning view!

One of the nice things about the conference is that they give you chunks of time without sessions where you are encouraged to relax & spend time with your spouse if they came along! We made the most of those times by visiting some of our favorites sights & seeing some new places as well!

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some more Pasteis de Belem!!! It was a 30-minute drive each way, but well worth the time!!!

Our view of the Cathedral while we enjoyed our treats!

Warm, custardy, flaky goodness sprinkled with cinnamon!!! 

H&M in Belem!

That night at the recommendation of friends we ate at a hamburger restaurant called Burgues! It was incredible! I wish I had taken a picture, but I totally spaced it, because I was too busy enjoying my delicious burger!

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Track & Field Day

Every year ECA has a track & field day in the spring. This year, because Ezra is a staff kid AND 5-years old he was invited to participate! He was super excited to be part of the day & had a lot of fun competing, but also had fun just hanging out with his friends that were also participating!  

Standing Long Jump – Ezra got second place out of 3 kids in this event!


Another student competing in the high jump

Lots of fun just hanging out

Lots of middle school girls & a baby!!!

Ezra & his friends having lunch together

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Flowers & a Lemon

The kids got flower seeds in their easter baskets so we took an afternoon during our spring break to plant them!

Please excuse Ezra’s jammies – his goal every day of break was to stay in his PJs as long as possible!

Smiles as we plant our seeds!

I had no idea flower seeds were SO tiny!!! We had to be really careful with them!

Hamming it up!

We harvested one lemon from our tree this spring! 

What to do with only one lemon???

Lemon bars, of course!!!

(Although, I did have to supplement with some store-bought lemon juice, but Ezra’s vote was Lemonade & I had to break it to him gently that one lemon wasn’t going to make much lemonade! Maybe another year!)

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In Audrey’s class, they take turns bringing a stuffed monkey named Pelitos home for a few days! Our turn came last weekend. Unfortunately, for Pelitos it wasn’t a super eventful weekend, but we did end up with some super cute pictures of Audrey & her little monkey friend!

Audrey with Pelitos & her friend!

Pushing Pelitos on the swing!

Pelitos taking a nap in the doll bed

Eating dinner

All snuggled in for the night

Watching a show together

Thanks for coming to visit us Pelitos! 

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Phone photos, vol. 1

Now that I’ve joined the 21st century & have a smart phone I’m able to take pictures of things when we are out & about, because I always have a camera with me! I like that I don’t miss out on fun memories, but I end up with lots of random photos on my phone. I’m going to have to be diligent to pull them off my phone & put them on the blog occasionally! So here is the first collection from the past couple months!

Heading out on a Field Trip with his teacher!

Who knew cheesy rings could be so much fun?!?!

Picnic lunch after church

A girl after her mom’s heart! We love our Doritos! (Also, she is wearing one of my dresses from when I was a girl!)

McDonald’s Play place

My messy girl!

Morning craft time!

I LOVE the springtime trees!

Our front door when Daddy came home from his accreditation trip to Africa!

My handsome big boy!


Such a girly girl – she fell asleep clutching her flower hair clip!

The view from ECA – so very, very green on this springtime day! (By June nothing will be green anymore so we try to soak it up while we can!)

Audrey the Alien (the kids did a school-wide unit on space during their second trimester)

Inside a rocket ship

The kids’ school all decorated at the end of their unit on space

Audrey the Astronaut 

Wedding invitation to my baby brother’s wedding this August!

Ezra & Heidi the Third

Must be spring…the trees are out of their plastic & back out on the patio!

Ezra was very proud of his “ball legs” & insisted I take a picture! 

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