One day before we left for school, Ezra brought some of his friends out to the living room & arranged them in such a way that they could sit & watch out the window while they waited for him to come home! It’s good to have friends!


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Last weekend was the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest! Our school has a funnel cake booth, so we always go to support our school & eat a funnel cake! Someone has to do it!!! Plus, the food at the other booths is tasty AND the “kindergarten” area has lots of free activities for the kids!


Ezra is starting to get too big for pony rides! He had to go on the biggest pony – I’m guessing he might have one more year left! 😦



The slide was new this year, so the kids were excited to try it out!


IMG_1180 The hay maze isn’t quite as hard when you are five!



Sweet baby cows!!!


IMG_1191 Jumping on the trampoline (the cords attach to rods that hold the jumper up so that they are suspended & just touch the trampoline at the bottom of their jump)



Even Audrey got some good height to her jumps!


It was another fun year! Some time we’ll actually have to take the shuttle out & see the abbey!!

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This is the drawing that Audrey did in her first art class at school! Do you recognize the subject??




That’s right! Mona Lisa herself!! Audrey told me she wanted to draw this one, because she was “so pretty”!




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It’s official!


I now work in the same school as Micah! Officially, I’m an Instructional Assistant, but all that really means is that I ‘teach’ three periods of study hall each afternoon! It works out pretty well as I just show up at school a couple hours earlier than I would need to for picking up my kids. The Elementary school gets out 15 minutes before the High School, so we’ve set up a system where I send a particular responsible student from my study hall to run over & get them & bring them back to me! It’s pretty much a win-win!


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Oregon Home

It’s been almost two years since we moved into our current home, which is our (mine & Micah’s) fourth home in our nearly 13 years of marriage. I suppose that isn’t a lot by some people’s standards, but given how much I detest packing, it feels like more than enough to me! I like having a record of the homes we’ve lived in, so I figured this is as good a time as any! For the record most of these photos were taken last November when I had my house all cleaned up for company (& had my house all decorated for Fall – I’m not quite ready yet for Fall this year given our very long, rainy winter last year).


Our cute little 1948 house!!

IMG_3900This is the view from the front door. You enter into the dining room, which I find a little odd, but I am thankful for the somewhat ‘open’ floor plan, which is not terribly common in homes this age! You can see the hallway between the dining room & the kitchen.

IMG_3906 The view back towards the front door & the living room at the front of the house


The living room

IMG_3904 The other side of the living room


The kitchen

IMG_3908 Standing in the kitchen looking towards the back door (on the left), the laundry room/bathroom (straight ahead), & the master bedroom (on the right)


Master Bedroom (couldn’t show you much more of the room or you’d see the mess!)

IMG_3914 This is our laundry room/half-bath – it’s very strange, but I’m SO grateful for a second bathroom in our house as there are a number of times when we’ve needed both bathrooms! It also has a lot of storage, which is wonderful!


Looking down the hallway at the bathroom (first door on the right), Ezra’s room (second door on the right), & Audrey’s room (on the left)






IMG_3894 Audrey’s bedroom with her “princess bed” (which was mine when I was a girl & my mom’s when she was a girl, although the bedding is new thanks to Nene!)



One of the fun things about Audrey’s room is the built-in cabinets/closet


IMG_1162 Ezra’s room (another room where I can’t show you more or you’d see the terrible mess!)



We are SO blessed to have a fully fenced backyard! (Although right now it is a lovely shade of tan as we did not keep the grass watered this summer with all our travels!)


It’s not huge, but it fits us well! I wouldn’t want to clean too much more  space, so it’s just about right! The neighborhood isn’t super – our particular corner isn’t so bad, but a couple blocks away gets more rough, but unfortunately, that’s true about a lot of areas in our town. We don’t know how long God has called us here, but for now this is home!

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Reminiscing about the summer

We had lots of fun adventures during the summer, but because I was having fun, I didn’t take as many pictures as I could of, so here is a smattering of the past month!

 IMG_1032 Not all things are fun about the summer, like having to rake up the fuzzy things that fall off the Mimosa tree in our backyard!!!



Our Wild Kratts fan!!!

IMG_1043 Audrey attended VBS at another church since we missed the one at our church while we were traveling



Superhero Audrey!


IMG_1048 What a mess!!!



But the results are worth it!!! Blackberry jam is so yummy!!


IMG_1074 We walked across the Union Street Bridge & Ezra wanted me to take a picture of the ducks down on the river! Can you see them???



Face painting at the “End of Summer Reading Contest” party at the public library!


IMG_1077 And snowcones!!!



He wanted to see what his face painting looked like! I love the freckles & long eyelashes!!



IMG_1087 Two batches of peach jam!!!



Audrey got her hair cut at a kids salon in town & got a fancy hairstyle complete with sparkles & cotton candy scent!! Needless to say, she loves going there!



IMG_1097 My dad ran the Hood to Coast & needed 3 volunteers, so I helped him out! I got to work at an exchange pretty close to Mt. Hood! It was kind of crazy, but the view was gorgeous!!



Riding the Carousel in Salem



IMG_1135 Playing at the Splash pad at Riverfront Park



Such a typical little girl!!



IMG_1139 We spent a few hours at the State Fair before I checked in for my volunteer hours (a gal from church works in the ‘food’ competition area, so I got to help with keeping the area around the cakes, pies, cookies, & preserves clean! I wish I had been there for the judging, because some of the cakes look heavenly!!)



Go Beavs!!! (I went with my parents to the Portland State game while Micah watched the kids & he’ll go to another game while I watch the kids)



IMG_1142 Some people go to the beach for labor day, we went out to visit Grandpa & Uncle Noah at work!!!



Grandpa drove them around! And according to the kids almost drove them into a ditch! Same thing he used to do when I was a kid!!!

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First Day of School

He’s looking SO big!!!



First day of going ALL day!! (She’s not so sure about it, but mom & dad are!!)



And so begins another year of school!!!


This year mom is going “back to school” as I’m going to be ‘teaching’ High School study hall for the last 3 class periods of the day. It’s an ideal job because I’m on the same campus as my kids & have the same days off as them! Couldn’t ask for anything more!

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