‘Real’ Trip

Today we were back at the WWI trenches, but this time with 77 students & 7 other adults! The weather was much better than we’d been anticipating (a couple of days ago the weather was forecasted to be rain) and the students all seemed to have a great time!!


Obviously, if you fight a war in France you MUST have a supply of wine!!


Hiking from the cemetery up to the summit of the hill!


This might look like a normal bush as first glance…


…but upon closer inspection, it’s full of barbed wire! Micah used this as an illustration to the students on why they shouldn’t go tearing around this area!


We wandered quite a ways today & at one point came upon this roll of rusted barbed wire just sitting to the side. We decided that someone must have been instructed to go string more barbed wire & before they could get to the front line, they heard that the war had ended. Who knows what really happened, but I like our story!


So much beauty has grown up since the war ended!


I’m guessing that there used to be a gun mounted here, but we were quite a ways from the front line, so whatever it was would have had to be really powerful!


A war memorial on a hill…


…with an amazing view!!!

We got to climb around in bunkers & tunnels and really explore the hillside today. It was a lot of walking, but also a really insightful day.

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Scouting Trip

The Juniors & Seniors are off on class trips this week (within Germany this year as opposed to normal years when they head to Normandy & Rome respectively). The Freshmen & Sophomores are headed out on a class field trip tomorrow to the WWI trenches in France (since it’s only for the day, it’s within the current restrictions). Usually one of the history teachers leads this field trip & is apparently quite the expert on this topic, however, he is unable to go this year & so Micah has been tasked with leading the trip. Micah wasn’t familiar enough with the site to lead a group of 80 students, so last Thursday we took off on a ‘working date’!


We HAD to stop at a bakery on our way & we found a Raspberry Croissant that was amazing! I will dream about this tasty treat until we get back there some day!!


It was a gorgeous day in spite of the sobering location


After hiking about 15 – 20 minutes up the hill, you get to the summit where this cross stands. There is still lots of barbed wire & metal leftover from WWI.


I found this picture on one of the informational signs really interesting…one guy is targeting enemies while the other guy is getting a shave …as one does.


This is a step built into the side of the trench wall so that people can get high enough to shoot out. There is also a (recreated) box for your ammo.


The two yellow signs on the trees show where the “front line” was for the German & French armies. They weren’t always this close together, but they really weren’t that far apart in most places.


A monument placed long ago by a certain unit of soldiers overlooking the valley below


Looking back down the mountain to the cemetery

Apparently, if you aren’t careful walking back down the path, it’s possible to fall & gouge your knee! Thankfully, I didn’t rip my jeans!!

Since we were in France, we NEEDED to stop at the grocery store & pick up our favorite granola that’s only sold there and we also grabbed a quick sandwich before heading back to work! It was a fun morning & wonderful to have time for uninterrupted conversation in the car on the way there & back!

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Audrey’s First Day of School


This is Audrey’s last year of Elementary School as middle school starts in 5th grade at BFA! Here’s to a great year at CSK!!

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Ezra’s First Day of School


How is it possible that he’s in 7th grade? Here’s to a great start to his second year at BFA!!

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A few more pictures of Summer


Ice cream from one of our favorite restaurants, Fünf Schilling!


A couple of the goats had babies! They are SO cute!!


The kids are falling more in love with Cotton! They have a big box & they take turns sitting in each night and let Cotton crawl on & around them!


Both kids still enjoy playing at the park, although we are wondering how much longer that will last…


I went to dust in the library & pulled this down…memories of my Grandma Hilton’s house came flooding back! I sent this picture to both my brothers & they had the exact same response: Grandma Hilton!


Picking flowers at the U-pick field!

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