Spring Break at the Beach

We started our Spring Break with a fun weekend at the beach thanks to our friends, Uncle Jon & Aunt Vicki who invited us to come stay at their cabin on D Lake! It was such a great way to start our break!

IMG_4669A beautiful view from the windows!!!


The next morning we decided to head out to do some whale watching as the “Whale Spoken Here” volunteers were out to help with spotting spouts! At the first location, Ezra put all the toy whales in order by size (even though a few of them were not to scale so looked smaller in the line).


The volunteer immediately put his vest on Ezra & declared him their newest volunteer! He isn’t quite old enough to do it on his own, but if one of us were to come along to the training he could be a helper!


Looking for whales!


Coloring a whale picture!


Showing Uncle Jon where to look! (Actually I’m not sure that Ezra can find the spouts very easily – it’s really tricky & take a lot of patience)


A beautiful day at the coast!


That afternoon we went to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area! There were some seals hanging out down on the rocks!


And an eagle hanging out in one of the trees!


The tide pools were incredible! You could touch everything except the sea stars!


The cousins joined in the fun for our afternoon outing!


So many fun things to explore!


Ezra, of course, was in his element!


Nothing beats a day at the Coast!


Too cute!!!

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Colonial Times

Ezra’s class has been learning about Colonial times and last Friday they had a Colonial Day. They each had to pick an occupation to research, write a report, make a sign, dress in a costume, & then give an oral report with props. (Thankfully, we knew about this a long time in advance!)

Ezra chose Engraver and as he & Micah researched this occupation, they discovered that engravers were also usually silversmith.


We lucked out & found a costume to borrow from a family that had gone through Colonial Days before! 

Version 2

Here’s his sign (his didn’t have the big smudge on it – I took his last name off)! 

Version 2

Report Time! He did a great job!


In the afternoon, they did all sorts of different centers, including making luminaries! 


Because I was helping corral kids from one station to the next, Audrey got to come along & got to make her own butter! I think we may have found her calling! It takes lots of energy & results in something eat!


Today was a field trip to Champoeg Park!


They did a great job of explaining life in the 1800’s! 


Trying out what it would have been like to haul water! 

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Just Cuteness!

Just a few pictures of my kiddos being themselves (& being cute in the process!)


Audrey working on her Valentine’s for her classmates!


Ezra built a model of the tabernacle for Sunday School! 


That’s my daughter! She’s all about the dress-ups these days!


Ezra’s class did a superhero chapel at school. Ezra got to talk about animal facts!


This was a common sight during Ezra’s basketball season! 

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Gilbert House

For Christmas we were given a membership to the Gilbert House children’s museum and we LOVE it!!! We got it at the end of January & have probably already gone 3 or 4 times. The kids enjoy it & we all get out of the house.


There is a super fun park outside that is great for the non-rainy days!


It helps get the wiggles out!


This is a fun “build your own” structure! The kids always enjoy coming up with a new design!


Even when they are leaving, they are still trying to play (here they are climbing on some sort of artwork!)

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I don’t know where the time has gone, but Audrey’s passport was due for renewal! (Kids under 16 only get their passport for 5 years)

 IMG_4652Such a huge difference!!!

I’m a little sad that the Baby passport is having to be retired, but at least we have an adorable smile to carry us through these next 5 years! I don’t even want to think about the fact that the next time we renew she’ll be into double digits!

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Dr. Seuss Day

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss Day for the kids! They were to dress up as either their favorite Dr. Seuss character OR a favorite character from any book by any author!


Audrey was Sam, I am!

Would you like some green eggs & ham?? Would you like them here? or there?


Ezra was Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes! An uncanny resemblance!

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Out with the old…

After 12 years of sleeping on a frame of which we were the second owners & the cheapest mattresses we could find when we were first married, we decided it was time to upgrade to something else.


Goodbye, old bed!


Hello, New bed!

It’s fun to have a bed that is just ours! No one else has owned it, no one else has slept in it! It’s just ours! It is from Ikea, which I feel like we should be moving past that stage of our life, but it was the right price AND I got the bed frame I’ve had my eye on for years! The only downside is that an American ‘king’ is slightly bigger than a European ‘king’, which means that our old duvet cover doesn’t quite fit! I guess that means we’ll have to get a new one (actually we do need to replace this one as it is starting to show its’ age as well)!

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