School Christmas Program

Audrey & Ezra had their school Christmas program on Thursday. They were supposed to wear a Christmas-related costume (Santa, Mrs. Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, Star, etc.).

Ezra wanted to be Rudolph & Audrey wanted to be a star. Although when Ezra saw his costume he was less than enthused as he had something more like this in mind:

One can see why he was disappointed! 

When I dropped the kids off at school all I could see were Santa hats on every single other kids heads & I had a sudden fear that I had gotten the wrong message. Thankfully, I had my language exchange right after drop-off & she has a child in school & told me that no, it was fine to wear whatever, but that the easy costume for parents to do was to buy a santa costume at the store. Made me feel better,  but I still felt like my kids were the odd ones! Oh, well! With their blond hair & light complexion they stand out anyways!!!

Audrey waving ‘hi’ to someone’s parents while sitting with her class!

Ezra with his classmates!

Excited to dance!

Hamming it up for the camera

The whole Infantil (3, 4, & 5 year olds)! Pretty impressive for a town of 3,000!

Group hug with Ezra’s class & his teacher!

Anyone interested can watch Audrey’s dance here and Ezra’s dance here. Sorry for the shaky filming! The kids weren’t that close to us & so we had to zoom in to get a good view of them!

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10th Anniversary!

Even though we had our anniversary trip the weekend before I didn’t want to let the day of our 10th anniversary go by without doing something special (after all it is a decade of marriage!). I also had been wanting to re-say our wedding vows to one another, because it has been 10 years since we said them to each other. In that time so much has happened and I think you understand more how important those vows are with each passing year. So, we had a short, at-home, vow renewal with just the two of us followed by a nice lunch together.

We also took communion & prayed together

It’s always fun to have an excuse to get out my Grandmother’s china!

Homemade cupcakes for dessert!

After lunch we headed into Madrid where we had pictures taken in Retiro Park. What I’ve seen so far is amazing & beautiful! Our photographer did such a wonderful job!

After the photo session, we had dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant (which is a glorified to-go place, but SO delicious!) & then enjoyed Starbucks before heading home!

All in all an amazing anniversary! I am so thankful to God for giving me Micah who is more than I ever would have thought to ask for in a husband! So grateful to God for 10 wonderful years & all the adventures that we have had together!

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Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend Micah & I got away in honor of our 10th anniversary! One of the benefits of living in Europe is that it is possible to take a weekend trip to the most romantic city in the world: Paris! It was fun to go back to where ‘we’ began where Micah asked me to marry him! It was a short trip, but we had a perfect time!

Our super cute (& small) hotel room!

After a delicious dinner of Galettes (that’s crepes with savory fillings instead of sweet), we walked up the Champs Elysees! And yes, it was raining, but we didn’t let it stop us!

H&M at the Arc d’ Triomphe

Choosing our breakfast the next morning was a difficult decision! We ended up with delicious pastries & left the scrumptious desserts for later!!

We started our day by going through a good portion of the Musee d’ Orsay, which has lots of famous paintings by Monet, Renoir, & other impressionists, which happens to be my favorite style of painting. Plus the building is just amazing!

Sacre Coeur is off in the distance. It was another gray, rainy day, so it was a perfect day to be inside a museum!

It’s not often you get to stand behind a clock!

Walking along the Seine

Eiffel Tower

Underneath the Eiffel Tower

Rue Cler – the beautiful neighborhood we stayed in! Also where we got our lunch of quiche & Eclairs!!! 

After lunch we visited the Rodin Museum

Rodin was a sculptor who made “The Thinker”.

The mansion with its’ beautiful gardens. This is the view we were looking at when Micah proposed!

Sharing a kiss on the bench where we had our first kiss! 

We visited Notre Dame & then walked through a Christmas Market! 

We also visited this amazing English bookstore called Shakespeare & Co. (I found this photo online as you weren’t supposed to take photos) 

We pried ourselves away from the bookstore in order to make our 7:30 reservations at Le P’tit Troquet. It was a small little restaurant with amazing food!!! Our 3-course dinner took 2 hours & was fabulous!!! (this photo is also from the internet as we were too busy eating the delicious meal to think about getting our camera out!)

We left early the next morning, but it was a full & yet somehow relaxing weekend in Paris! It was such a wonderful way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ezra decorating the tree

Audrey hanging her ornament on the tree!

“Cutting paper” as Audrey calls it! Working on a fun Christmas craft on Saturday afternoon (thus why Ezra is still in in his jammies!)

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2 years

Same ball pit, same kids…

Just 2 years later! 

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A visit to Germany

We were blessed with the addition of a new supporting church, our home church from our years in Germany! We were excited that in going there to share about our ministry we could also use the time to visit with some of our good friends that are still in the area!

In line to check in their carseats! This was our first trip since Ezra was born that we traveled without a stroller!!! A HUGE Milestone for our family!

Playing in the ball pit at the “preschool” center that is in the airport! I LOVE Madrid Airport’s Terminal 1!!! So amazing for kids!

Someone’s excited to be on their way!

Dinner at Doner’s, of course!!!

Eating a slice of pizza almost as big as her!

And then as we were putting the kids to bed we discovered that Audrey had a fever…

The next day involved a lot of jammies, lounging around, & movies! It was pretty much Ezra’s dream come true!

Trying to come up with games Ezra & I could play while staying inside!

Thankfully, in the afternoon of our first full day someone brought us some toys to play with & Ezra was completely happy!

And just as Audrey was getting better, Ezra & Mommy got sick so the jammies, lounging, & movie watching continued! 

In the airport headed home after a much different trip than we anticipated! (We did get to see some of our close friends who were willing to come to us for a visit & I’m very thankful for that!) We had to take a picture of Ezra with this car as he got his head stuck in the ‘windshield’ the last time we came through the Basel airport two years before!!

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One Sunday night we had friends over for dessert & to play games. Audrey had had a particularly long nap that day as I had gotten engrossed in my book & forgot to wake her up, so I wasn’t at all surprised to hear her rustling around upstairs while we played our game. Micah & I got a good laugh when we went upstairs at 10:20 & found the following:

She took off her jammies, put on her dress, & a pair of dress shoes! Definitely appropriate attire for 10 ‘o clock at night!

Yes, that is my son asleep in a box! We had put him to bed in his bed like normal, but before he fell asleep he moved himself to the box! 

Needless to say, we won’t be letting Audrey take such long naps & we are starting to wonder why we bought Ezra a bed as he has continued to sleep in box! Except for the night we found him in his drawer:

Who needs a bed???

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