One Sunday night we had friends over for dessert & to play games. Audrey had had a particularly long nap that day as I had gotten engrossed in my book & forgot to wake her up, so I wasn’t at all surprised to hear her rustling around upstairs while we played our game. Micah & I got a good laugh when we went upstairs at 10:20 & found the following:

She took off her jammies, put on her dress, & a pair of dress shoes! Definitely appropriate attire for 10 ‘o clock at night!

Yes, that is my son asleep in a box! We had put him to bed in his bed like normal, but before he fell asleep he moved himself to the box! 

Needless to say, we won’t be letting Audrey take such long naps & we are starting to wonder why we bought Ezra a bed as he has continued to sleep in box! Except for the night we found him in his drawer:

Who needs a bed???

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November is flying by…

Audrey wearing yet another one of my old dresses!

Playing dress up!

They like to do face painting in Infantil. It seems like at least once a month they come home with their faces painted!

Now that she can express her opinion really clearly, we end up with some really…interesting…outfits!

Sick day for Ezra

Audrey being cute!

Audrey with her mask she ‘made’ at school!

Trying on ‘hand-me-downs’ is always torture for Ezra, so we put on a movie. He hardly knew what was going on!

Like I said, really interesting outfits!

The 10th grade class at our house for the main dish portion of their progressive dinner. There are 18 of them!!

Audrey got a late birthday present: a doctor’s kit! She has had a lot of fun giving everyone check-ups!

The newest hairstyle: Frozen-inspired “Anna” braids! (Anything to keep her from looking like a mop!)

Super cute!! Micah can hardly stand it!

We had Thanksgiving dinner for the 18 people in our mission & one other at our house!!! Thankfully, it was potluck style & might have been the easiest thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! So delicious!!!

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No more babies!

Today, I bagged up our potty chair to pass along to another family! It marks the end of potty-training my children for which I am VERY thankful as that is not a fun process!!! (We’ve been potty-trained for a good 7 months, but I hadn’t found a family who could use a potty chair) It’s so strange to think that we are done with babies & are moving into a whole new stage of life, but it’s true!

When Audrey turned three, her “bops” (the word Ezra invented for pacifiers when he was little) just disappeared! We had been prepping her for this turn of events for months in advance: “3-year olds don’t use pacifiers” It got to where we would say, “What’s going to happen when you turn 3?” and she would answer, “No more bops.” I was worried that she was going to be really difficult about giving them up, but she hasn’t been. She cried about it the first night or two, but even the following day she was bragging, “I’m not a baby. I don’t use a bop.” I had been planning to do nighttime potty-training once we got past the “no pacifier” transition, but we unintentionally ended up doing both at once! When she was a baby, I discovered that she couldn’t use the store brand diapers at a certain store here in Spain or it gave her a rash. A few days before her birthday we ran out of pull-ups so I called Micah as he was out & asked him to pick up some more. He picked up store brand pull-ups from that one store. A week later, she was complaining that her bottom was itching & nothing I put on it seemed to help. By that time it was too late to go to a store, so we switched to underwear! (Her pull-ups had been dry about 80-90% of the mornings) We’ve had one accident in the past week, but otherwise we’ve had success! It’s surreal to say, but we are a potty-trained, pacifier & pull-up free house!! We really have no more babies! It’s weird that we are past that stage, because it felt like the baby-stage would never end, but now it has & I can truly say it did go fast! What they say is so true: The days go by SO slowly, but the years fly by!


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Audrey’s 3rd Birthday!

Audrey got to take treats to school to celebrate her birthday with her classmates & she came home wearing a crown that her teacher made her! She still insisted that she was turning 6 in spite of the giant 3 on it!

We took cupcakes to the park to share with our friends we play with each afternoon!

Audrey was given a saxophone that plays one very loud, very annoying note (her friend who gave her this will most likely be receiving a puppy for her birthday from us!)! This older boy was being very kind & playing a duet with Audrey! 

Audrey had a “Frozen” birthday party!

Excited about her new puzzles from Nene & Da!

Yay for a new dress & fun leggings from Grandpa & Baba!!

Audrey got a Princess Anna doll as well!

Trying on her new dress-up things from her friends Mr. & Mrs. A

Audrey’s Frozen cake (it wasn’t actually frozen, it was a blue velvet cake inside – red velvet cake tinted blue instead of red)

So excited about her birthday cake!

I can’t believe that my baby is 3 years old!!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Audrey Girl!!

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This year I went ahead & sent the kids to Infantil for their Halloween party (which happened on the 30th as the 31st was a day off of school in honor of All Saint’s Day on which landed on a Saturday – Spanish people like their days off just like Americans!). I have to say I wasn’t super impressed by the costumes I saw as I dropped of the kids – lots of scary costumes & only a couple cute ones. Spaniards only recently adopted Halloween from the States, but when it was brought over they only seem to have latched onto the really dark side of it & none of the lighter, more creative side. I wish there was some way that we, as Americans living in Spain, could set the record straight, but I’m not sure it would work! I did my best & sent my kids in fun costumes!


Audrey went as an Oregon State Cheerleader! Go Beavs!

Ezra went as Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts, his favorite show at the moment! He insisted he couldn’t smile normal, but instead had to smile “like Chris”. 

I guess this must be what he means?!?!

Audrey brought home this craft that she made at school! Not sure how much she did on it, but she did tell me that she painted! 

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Micah’s last day of school

I meant to take a picture of him outside our front door with a sign like I have the kids hold, but it was a busy day & I completely forgot! Thankfully, it was a special day at school & one of the parents got a photo of him! It seems quite appropriate for the occasion!


No, the school year isn’t over in November! However, October 17th was Micah’s last day of his Master’s program! A lot has happened since his first day of school in 2008!  One of those changes is that he changed his course of study from Curriculum & Instruction to Educational Administration when it became clear that God was leading him into school leadership. We are very thankful for the way that God has provided the funds for Micah to be able to complete this degree.

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Fall Festival 2014

I was on the staff computer at ECA & ran across a few pictures taken at the Fall Festival back in early October. I was so happy to find these, because I had forgotten to take my own camera & the kids were SO cute that night!

Audrey got her face painted! She held SO still & was so proud of it! 

Micah was the sheriff for the evening. For one euro, people could issue a warrant for the arrest of a friend or family member & they would be put in jail for a minute! It ended up being quite popular! 

Ezra was quite busy acting as Micah’s deputy, but he did take time out from his ‘job’ to take a pony ride!

Audrey was excited to get a pony ride as well! 

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