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Here’s a round-up of the random pictures from the past month!

Messy face!

Jetlagging – everyone ended up in mom & dad’s bed, except dad! He found an empty bed elsewhere!

This girl LOVES to play dress up!

One morning while we were all still jet lagging I found Ezra on the floor beside his bed with the fan pointed directly at his face! Micah felt bad for him & joined him for a little nap!

Serious face!

The evening view from the kids’ balcony! God is answering my prayers & I am starting to appreciate the beauty in this place!

A wink & a smile (& a messy face)!

Another dress-up outfit!

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First day of School

Ezra headed back to school with the same teacher & same group of students, so while it is a new year, it feels a lot like a continuation of last year. They are in a different classroom, so that probably helps make it feel a little bit new. 

Audrey was excited about school. She wore the same jumper to her first day of school that I wore to my first day of school back in 1986!

How did this happen?!?! How are both my babies off to school already! (I realize it is a bit early seeing that if we were in the states Audrey wouldn’t be going to school or at least she’d only be going for a few hours a couple times a day)

Dropping them off at the school – Ezra looks a bit grumpy, but that is because he was excited to see all his friends & we were making him take a family picture! 

They both had a good first day! I actually went to school with Audrey on her first day (all 30 minutes of it!) along with the other parents. Yesterday, Audrey cried when it was time to go in, but today she marched right in like she knew what she was doing. Tomorrow begins the longer block of time with more students, so I’ll be interested to see how she handles that!


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Salamanca in the day!

We started the day in Plaza Mayor!

Next up was a tour of the Cathedrals (a new Cathedral was built between the 1500’s & the 1700’s, but instead of tearing down the old one, they simply added the new one to the old one – quite unique!)! Seriously, what a cute little girl!!!

The ceiling inside the new cathedral – so beautiful!

While we were in the Old Cathedral a wedding started! 

The apse in the Old Cathedral

Then we got to climb up onto the roof of the cathedrals & finally up into the bell tower (the window in the circular part of the building behind us, but not the one way up in the roof part!)

The view from up there was incredible!! 

Here’s a funny thing: when they were renovating the cathedral one of the artists added an astronaut for fun! 

Sitting in front of the beautiful doors

Ezra found a fun piece of artwork outside the cathedral

We ended our time in Salamanca with a look at the Roman bridge & a great view of the Cathedrals behind! 

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Salamaca at Night

We decided to drive into Salamanca our first night & we are SO glad we did! It is a beautiful city during the day, but it is absolutely gorgeous at night!!!

Plaza Mayor

The Town Hall

Enjoying ice cream in the Plaza

There are different faces all around the plaza of writers, heroes, & kings

Enjoying his ice cream!

Beautiful city streets

So picturesque!

The Cathedrals

Keeping themselves awake!

The main entrance to the University of Salamanca

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One of the things that we are having to adjust to here in Spain is Fiesta. It’s basically a city-wide party for a week. And scattered throughout our town are little clubs & these clubs play loud dance music until 5 or 6 IN THE MORNING!!! The main square has concerts that start at midnight & then disco that follows starting at 3:30 A.M. So when Aunt Stephanie mentioned that we should go ahead & take our trip to Salamanca during the long weekend we have during Fiesta, we jumped on it! It was wonderful to miss out on the two longest/loudest days of the party! Sunday we returned & got to catch the wind-down of Fiesta: a parade at 10:00 p.m. & fireworks at 12:30 A.M.! But back to our lovely weekend away!

I found this little cottage on TripAdvisor for a good price & even though there were no reviews, there were tons of pictures, so we decided to just go for it! I’m so glad that we did!

It was very small (the only thing you don’t see in this picture is the small living room, but you can just see a corner of the couch in the lower right of the picture), but it did have 2 bedrooms & a loft along with 1 1/2 bathrooms! It was decorated so perfectly in an old spanish style!

The kids discovered that there was a really, REALLY wide window sill (more like a niche) & they could go from one room to the other through the outside! 

The town of Buenavista is not really a town at all, but whatever term you would give it, it is a sleepy place in the middle of the spanish countryside. The views from the edge of town were outstanding!

The church is no longer a church – it’s been converted into a barn!!

Lots of twisting, turning streets 

Lots of old architecture!

H&M enjoying our time exploring the town while Aunt Stephanie stayed with the kids in our cottage!




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Look who’s starting school!!!

Audrey in her baby (smock)

  I can’t believe my baby is old enough for school! Granted, she wouldn’t really be old enough in the states except for a few hours of preschool, but that isn’t how it is done in Spain! If you turn 3 in 2014, you can start school. And it’s pretty nearly all day school too! 9:00 – 1:00 in September & June, 9:00 – 2:00 the rest of the year. Except for the very beginning of school when they have a ‘gradual’ way of getting the kids used to the teacher, the room & the other kids in their class. I didn’t show the very first day of school as it had everyone’s names, but Audrey is part of group 2, which goes to school from 10:10 – 10:40 on the first day. Then you can see that for the next two days she goes from 10:00 – 10:40. This is with only 5 other students. By Friday of her first week she has an hour & a half of school with 9 other students & Monday the following week she has an hour and 45 minutes with the same 9 students. It isn’t until a full week into school that she actually starts school at the same time as Ezra and goes for the whole day. It’s going to make for a busy week for this mom dropping off Ezra, dropping off Audrey, picking up Audrey, & then picking up Ezra! Whew! We’re praying for her to like school (don’t have too many doubts, but you never know) & for her teacher to be a good one! As a side note, the students generally keep the same teacher (& have the same group of classmates) for all 3 years of Infantil and we were excited to find out that Ezra has his same teacher again this year!

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Oregon Memories

While we were in Lake Chelan we had a photographer come to the vacation house & take pictures of our family! It was more than a little tricky with so many little ones! Thank goodness our photographer & his wife were willing to persevere! We got some amazing shots of our family!

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