Fun times in Maryland

Even though we’ve been back for over a week, I’m still trying to catch up on getting our pictures from our time in the States onto the blog! Here is the remainder from our time in Maryland!

It takes a Father’s love to eat your dessert in the bathroom!!

Wearing her John Deere shirt from Grandpa & Baba!

Making a funny face!!

Such a big girl!!

Riding the Carousel!

Riding all by herself!

Followed by riding the train with our friends! What a fun playdate!

Some things don’t change much! Ezra watching TV this summer…

…and 2 summers ago!

Showing off the fun toys they were given by a sweet couple from church!

Having fun in the foam pit at Open Gym!

Swinging on the swing!

Climbing on the rope structure!

A tiny bit blurry, but what a smile!!

On the plane headed back to España with Aunt Stephanie!!! Good bye America! We had fun! 

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Baltimore Aquarium

Over the course of our two years in Spain, Ezra has mentioned our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium a few times & had asked if we could go back. However, when we got to the states he never mentioned it & we decided that since it isn’t the cheapest place to visit, we would just let it slide & maybe go again in two years. On Wednesday (before our Saturday flight back to Spain), Ezra said, “So, when are we going to the Aquarium?” I may have groaned inwardly, but then I remembered that they were running a deal on Friday nights where you could get in for a reduced rate, SO on Friday night, less than 24 hours before our departure, Steph & I braved rush hour traffic to take the kids into Baltimore to go to the Aquarium!

Enjoying our picnic ‘dinner’ on the Baltimore Harbor

It was a beautiful evening!

Something in the tank is pretty exciting! I was surprised by how little time Ezra spent at each tank. I think he just wanted to see everything once & then maybe go back through to his favorites, but sadly, we just didn’t have time for a second go-around!

Pita the turtle, still alive & well from back when Micah volunteered at the aquarium in high school!



It was a fun outing, although it was  perhaps a little more abbreviated than the kids would have liked, but we had to get them home for bedtime since I knew they wouldn’t sleep much the next night on the plane!

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Washington D.C., Take Two!

Steph really, really wanted to see D.C. at night & we had friends to meet near downtown for dinner, so off we went to D.C. again!

We hadn’t made it to the Air & Space museum, so that was first on the list!


We had a fun time even though air & space is not of particular interest to either of us!


The Wright Brother’s plane


We also got a good look at the Capitol as we hadn’t seen that the time before either!



We went out to the Pentagon (where you are NOT allowed to take pictures) and we also walked through the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. It was very well thought out & put together!


From there we headed into Virginia to meet up with our friends from BFA & after a fun dinner at the Liberty Tavern, we headed back to the Mall.

Washington Monument at night


Jefferson Memorial


World War II Memorial with the Lincoln in the background


Looking up into an arch of the World War II memorial


Lincoln Memorial


Capitol Building at night

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Washington D.C.

Steph & I got to meet our friends, Adam & Emily in D.C. one day! We saw SO many of the famous sights & had tons of fun together!


Steph, Emily, & I at the White House


Adam, Emily, & I at the Washington Monument


World War II Memorial


Vietnam War Memorial


Lincoln Memorial


Korean War Memorial


MLK Memorial


FDR Memorial


Jefferson Memorial


As we swung back around to the Smithsonian Museums we got to see the other side of the White House


The Hope Diamond in the Natural History Museum



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County Fair

Petting the bunny!

Looking at the fuzzy chicken!

Look, mom, a chicken!

Hello, chicken!

Checking out the sheep!


Petting the ducklings!

Petting the baby rabbits!

Playing in the dried corn!

Watching pig & duck races

Go, piggies, go!!!

Ezra got to be a cheerleader for our ‘team’!

Go, duckies, go!!!

Ezra enjoying his pony ride!

Audrey LOVED riding the pony!

Thanks, Nene & Da, for a fun morning at the fair!!

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Micah’s parents were willing to watch the kids overnight so we found a deal on Travel Zoo for Gettysburg. I’d never been there before & it was just the right distance, so off we went!

Gettysburg Train Station (& tourist information)

Statue honoring Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

See the pock marks in the side of the house? It’s gunshots from the Union army. Confederate soldiers had taken over this house & were using the attic window as a  location for their sharp shooters.

Birthplace of Mary Virginia “Ginnie” Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg

Micah thought this was a pretty cool van!

The streets of Gettysburg


Gettysburg National Cemetery (with the graves of the men who died during the Civil War – this is only a small part)

On the battlefield there are all kinds of monuments & plaques to the various divisions & armies who fought in the war. 

Micah thought this one was particularly interesting

I liked this farm that happened to be located smack in the middle of the battlefield!

We didn’t spend the whole time on battlefields! We also had a nice dinner at a fun restaurant in Gettysburg & went to a movie (since our travel zoo deal came with two tickets).

It was a really nice room, although Micah said it made him feel like the President of the United States! (Picture from the hotel website)


We also did a bit of shopping, which doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but when you get to do it without kids it almost seems like a holiday!! Plus, we found the world’s best Dairy Queen! They don’t retire any of the monthly blizzard flavors, so you can have just about any flavor you can imagine!!!

It was a nice time away & just the right little vacation before Micah headed back to Spain .

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Oregon Relatives

It was brought to my attention that I never posted any pictures from our get togethers back in Oregon with my cousins, Aunts, & Uncles. The main reason for that is that we forgot our camera to both of those events, so I didn’t have pictures staring me in the face on my laptop reminding me that I needed to post them. I did manage to snag a few pictures from Facebook, so thank you to my more organized cousins who remembered their cameras, took pictures, & then posted them for the rest of us to enjoy!

So many little kids! So many games!

Strollers & babies were the hot item of the day!

All the little cousins! Ten in all! 

Growing up this was my only girl cousin on my mom’s side for quite a while! She & I always had tons of fun with our guys cousins, but we also enjoyed special things just the two of us, liking calling each other & planning out matching outfits so we could be twins at our gatherings! I can’t believe how cool we were! And now we’re all grown up!

Getting my baby fix!

Here is the majority of the family (just missing three, I think)! 

The next day was the other side of the family!

My nephew was the only baby, so he got lots of snuggles! And for good reason – look at that cutie!!

See? Lots of snuggles! And too much cuteness!!

Having a good time together!

My dad & his nephew! Can you tell they are both Oregon State Beaver Fans?!?!

The kids got in lots of playtime at the park!

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