Second Week in Maryland

Between our three days of family vacation and a day-trip to Longwood Gardens (pictures coming soon), we managed to squeeze more fun into our second week in Maryland!


On the way home from family vacation we stopped at Dr. Mudd’s house (for those who are interested, Dr. Mudd was the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth’s leg after he broke it jumping onto the stage after shooting President Lincoln. It is also where we get the expression, “You’re name is Mud”!)


Ezra got to go for a ride in Da’s car!


We went to Georgetown to say ‘hi’ to the guys Micah worked with (although it turned out all of them were away!) & meet up with friends for dinner. We took the opportunity to visit the park & feed the ducks!


There was even a mom with her babies!! They were adorable!!!


I had to convince Audrey not to eat the duck food (it was really chicken ‘feed’ with cracked corn & dried up worms & yes, Audrey wanted to eat it!). On a less ‘icky’ note, that is the Kennedy Center in the background (which is the main performing arts center in D.C.)


What do you do when you end up at a sit-down thai restaurant without anything to keep the children occupied?? Let them hone their photography skills! (Photo courtesy of Audrey)


Audrey chowing down on some delicious chicken satay! (Photo courtesy of Ezra)


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Family Vacation

Neva found a wonderful house near Ridge, MD for all of us to stay in! It was located on a cove (although it looked more like a river or a lake from our house) and was SO quiet! The views were gorgeous & the house was beautiful! We had two nights together & it was so nice to have that concentrated time together!

Gilgal House with the water flowing on both side of the property (photo courtesy of the Gigal Bed & Breakfast website)

Living Room (picture taken from website as I forgot to take house pictures in the busyness of settling in)

Kitchen with dining room table in foreground (also from their website)

The bedrooms were perfect!! They had a nice king-sized bed with a small room with bunks connected. (Again, from their website)

We had a great windy day! Perfect for kite flying in our backyard!

The kids had fun flying the kite & the big boys had fun throwing a football back & forth!

Such a cute girl!!

A little Romo in training!

One hot morning most of us headed out to play at the beach!

Daddy & his little girl

A cute family & a beautiful view

Cute boy!

Cute girl!


There is nothing better than fun in the sun at the beach

We got to do sparklers one evening!

And not just sparklers, but MEGA sparklers!!!

It took lots of help to get Audrey’s sparkler to stay lit & away from everyone else!

Dessert time!!!

Movie Time!

We had a wonderful time with our family & our time there ended all too soon, but we are so thankful for the days we did have together & the memories we got to make!

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First Week in Maryland

On July 8th, we flew DIRECT (it’s a first for us, please excuse the excitement!) from Portland to Maryland! We were greeted at the airport by Ezra & Audrey’s Nene, Da, Aunt, & Cousin! So much excitement!!!!


We made it back in time for Da’s 60th birthday!!!

Heading into church to surprise Da at work!!

Hiding under Da’s desk!

Happy Birthday, Da!!! Now can we have some cake? And some pie?

Chick-fil-A day!!! Dress like a cow & get a free meal? Um, yes, please!!!

I know I’m biased, but I think my kids are just too cute!!!

Ezra’s cousin came along with her mom & dad! We had a fun time together!!

Looking for the Chick-fil-A cow!!

Playing in the pool with Nene!!! Audrey has taken to the water surprisingly well!! She’s a little fish!

Ezra is doing well too! He loves jumping into the water as long as someone is there to catch him! 

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Fourth of July

My mom wanted to take the kids somewhere fun on the fourth & she had heard about this garden called Talking Waters that is part of the Water Treatment Plant. It ended up being such a fun place! The kids got to run around on the trails & we saw lots of wildlife!

Two adventurers ready for the day!

Miss Krause joined us as well & was wonderful at helping Ezra spot animals! 

We saw lots of ducks! This park was like heaven for the ducks: water everywhere!

Audrey is trying to feed the ducks a flower. Not surprising, she had no takers!


The kids had tons of fun looking for bullfrogs! We could hear them & would often see the water rippling where one had jumped in, but they were hard to spot! (This picture is zoomed in a LOT!)


There were also plenty of plants (This picture was taken by Audrey who has decided that she likes photography!)

We stopped for a yummy lunch at Depot Restaurant! Ezra LOVED the aquarium!


That night we had dinner with our good friends, the Browns! They always put on a good party!


The kids thought their 8-week old, Tildee, was the best part of the evening!

Although, it did take Ezra a little while to warm up to the puppy!

Fourth of July would not be complete without sparklers!

Happy Birthday, America!

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We had dinner & spent the evening with Micah’s Aunt & Uncle! It was a wonderful time!


Micah with his Uncle & the army truck his Uncle got for fun!!

Transferring the stones on the shore into the river!


That one might be a little too big for you, Audrey!!

Riding on the four-wheeler with Micah’s Aunt!

A beautiful evening on the river!

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Family Vacation to Lake Chelan, Day 5

I just realized that I never actually posted the last day of our family vacation!! So, here it is!

One last time playing at the park!


Last views of Lake Chelan


We stopped in Cashmere for some aplets & cotlets! So delicious!!!




This girl could get her Daddy to do anything for her as long as she is wearing her Cowboys jersey & pigtails!!!


We had a long drive home with a stop in The Dalles at the Cousin’s restaurant (where they greet you with “Hi Cousin!”)


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This & That

Helping Grandpa plant more corn seeds!

Not sure how much of a help they were, but they certainly enjoyed it! Ezra asked his Grandpa just about every day afterwards, “Um, Grandpa, are you going to plant more corn?”

A mommy killdeer made her nest right on the edge of the driveway & got mad each time we drove in or out! We were all happy when the babies were born! Such cute little balls of fluff!

I got to see my really good friend from high school! It was wonderful to catch up with Leslie!

These kids figured out what to do with a sprinkler quite quickly!! Then they found other fun things to do!

Not sure why playing with a stroller is so much fun, but apparently it is!

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