The start of H&M: Engagement

April 10, 2003 – It was a gray, cloudy day in Paris. We were staying with a BFA family in the suburbs & taking the train into the center to sightsee during the day. We had already spent one day sightseeing & now were on day two. One of the things on the agenda for the day was the Rodin museum. For those non-art people (like me), he is a sculptor, who created “The Thinker”:

(not my picture – Thanks Google Images)

The museum is housed in Rodin’s home, which is incredibly beautiful!


We walked around the grounds and then went through the museum. This is us by another sculpture by Rodin called “The Kiss”.


After we finished walking through the museum we wandered back out into the garden & sat down on one of the benches:


It was there that Micah asked, “Heather, will you marry me?” and I responded with “Yes! Definitely!”

After reveling in our newly engaged status for a time, we wandered over to the most famous of all sights:


We enjoyed the view of the Eiffel Tower from the ground & then took the elevator to the top & enjoyed looking out over the city!


The newly engaged couple enjoying the sights of Paris!!!


A day or two after we returned from Paris, Micah came by the dorm where I was working & brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And attached to the bouquet was a gorgeous ring! Exactly what I would have picked out had I picked it out myself! (Micah had tried to purchase this ring before our trip to Paris, but due to lots of extenuating circumstances he had to wait until we returned to pick it up)



After choosing salvation, saying “yes” to Micah was the best decision I ever made!!! So thankful for the past 10 years of life together!



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My first 5K!

As a gift this past Christmas, I decided to sign my Dad & I up to run a 5K together. I’d never run a race, but he often runs 10Ks or even half-marathons, so I thought it would be a fun thing we could do together. The timing worked out great as the first weekend of their time in Spain was the Madrid half-marathon & 5K!

Sadly, I came down with a flu on Wednesday, but by Friday night I was starting to feel a bit better. Then with touring all day Saturday & eating a not-friendly-to-a-newly-recovered-from-the-flu kind of dinner, I woke up Sunday with renewed symptoms. At first, I thought I couldn’t run, but Micah convinced me to just go downtown & see how I was feeling. By the time we got down there, I decided I just had to run & hoped that my stomach would stay calm long enough to allow me to do just that! I am SO glad that I did!


This is right about kilometer 3! I was starting to get a bit worried about my dad! I think the higher elevation & the jet lag made it a harder race on him.


I, on the other hand, was feeling GOOD!!


All finished!!


We ran the race in 28:02. It was a bit longer than I had been hoping for, but that gives me lots of room for improvement & really isn’t bad considering that I was still sick!  I can’t wait to race again!




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Grandpa & Baba are here!

My parents are here visiting us! They arrived on Friday at the same time as some boy band called 5 seconds of summer, so they were greeted by screaming girls & paparazzi! Quite the welcome to Madrid!

Saturday we headed off to do some sightseeing! The first stop was Manzanares, which has a beautiful castle & a great view!

Checking out the view of the Lake

Cute girl

Posing with Baba

Such an amazing looking castle!

The view of the town from the castle was nice too!

Next on the agenda was a picnic, however due to the rain, we had to find an inside location for our picnic! We found a great little spot inside the convent at Valley of the Fallen.

The weather did clear up so we could enjoy our time at Valley of the Fallen

We also stopped at “Philip’s Seat”, where you get a great view of …

El Escorial & the surrounding countryside!

My parents toured El Escorial while Micah & I took our kids to a park. We ended our day of sightseeing with dinner at Pollo de Alcala! So delicious!!


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Fun with Aunt Stephanie

As I have practice 2 – 3 times a week (ECA is on a block schedule so that means that only every other Friday we have practice), I am constantly trying to find people to watch the kids for me. Thankfully, there are a couple moms who are helping out and Micah helps when he can and, as always, Aunt Stephanie is available quite often to help too! I really appreciate her help! She sent me these pictures after watching the kids! Looks like everyone had a good time!


The kids LOVE reading books in the library! Looks like Audrey decided to take a ‘nap’ there!

Learning to take selfies!

Yep, she’s got it!

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Finally…a new blog post!

Life has just been full lately, but really quite normal, so we haven’t been grabbing our camera as much these days! I’ve been busy directing the musical & Micah has been busy preparing for ECA’s reaccreditation (which is happening right now). Here are a few pictures to tide you over until we get back to taking more pictures!


We’re still working on potty training! Most days she seems to get it & has gotten to the point where she will take herself to the bathroom! We still have accidents, but they are fewer now!


Enjoying the sunshine!


Trying on Audrey’s dress up hats!!


Playing with the pancake mask Daddy made from the one that got a bit burnt!



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Just Audrey

I guess because I’m home with Audrey all day, I end up with more pictures of her! So here are a few pictures from our days together!


Learning to twirl in her dress-up skirt!

Who needs a fork??

Tricky girl!!

I was getting ready for the day when Audrey brought these two plates to me in the bathroom & said, “Pizza & Salad!” I’m glad she is learning the importance of a balanced diet!!!

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Life in Spain: Carnaval

The last week of February was ‘Carnival’ here in Spain. I find it interesting that something similar is celebrated in German (Fasching) & Louisiana (Mardi Gras) & France (Carnaval). Here in Spain it seems to involve dressing up and getting together for parties. Our little town even had a small parade one evening. For the students in the infantil, each day was a different theme. Monday they wore red, Tuesday they dressed up ‘fancy’, Wednesday they could dress up in whatever costume they wanted, & Thursday each classroom dressed up like characters from a different storybook – Ezra’s class was “Little Red Riding Hood”. (There was no school on Friday!) I did the good mom thing & went out & bought craft foam to make a mask & ‘stomach’ & tail!

Audrey wanted to be the Grandma from the story & kept saying, “Ezra wolf. Audrey Grandma. Ezra eat me.”


All the parents were invited to a costume parade on Thursday to see their kids all dressed up. However, by the time I got there, Ezra was no longer wearing any of his costume! *Sigh*


He did seem pretty excited to see Audrey & I in the stands, though, so I guess that counts for something!!

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